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Outdoor Adventure Gifts

For those people who are go-getters and extremely capable people, you most likely already have all of your shopping done for this holiday season. However, if you are anything like me, then you are staring at an empty closet wondering what gifts to fill it with for your loved ones.

Either way, I hope that this little blurb will help get the gift-giving juices flowing, or even inspire you to buy a last-minute gift that you had not thought of before. I hope that you take a moment to come into Appalachian Outfitters and shop a little local this season! Now onto the wish list.

First things first, when it comes to outdoor gifts and gear, much of the equipment that you will need for any outdoor adventure will come in what the industry calls a “system”. Here you will see a glimpse of these systems, but if you ever do have any questions on if you are missing something, that is your keyword, “system”.

That being said, the first “system” that makes a unique and great gift is the sleep system. For the backcountry camper, the continent-jumping world traverser, or the scout or sports parent, a sleep system would be the route I would take for some gifting. In this system, it will include a tent or hammock, a sleeping mattress, a sleeping bag, a liner, and a pillow. To top it all off, you can throw in a pair of down camp booties which are shockingly wonderful and versatile outdoor slippers.

The hottest items and greatest gear grabs for this sleep system are going to be a NEMO tent or a Grand Trunk tech hammock, a Sea2Summit gender-suggested sleeping mattress, a super slick Sierra Designs sleeping bag, and a Sea2Summit liner and pillow. Honestly, having these essentials opens up the world of possibilities for anyone whether they want to pick up and travel Europe, hostel jump South America, or through-hike the PCT. Every experience will require a comfortable night’s sleep, and with these items that can be accomplished.

Outside of systems, some of the coolest gifts are those that you would never initially think of. For example, ever heard of Secrid wallets? How about RFID? RFID stands for radio frequency identification and it is technology that prevents your personal information from being stolen via a scanner. The most common of these is having your credit card numbers stolen even though you still have your physical card on your person. Yes, it is scary, but you can not only have a gift to give to protect people from theft but also a stylish wallet.

These wallets come in a plethora of different colors and a few basic styles. These are a great gift for virtually anyone that carries around a credit card. They are personal favorites for fathers, teenagers, and grandparents. The coolest feature besides the RFID protection is their pop-up card feature that allows for easy and care-free access to all your credit cards.

Speaking of safety, another huge concern is environmental safety and what we can do to keep ourselves, our environment, and our wellbeing in tip-top shape. One way to do this is reducing plastic consumption by decreasing the amount of plastic water bottles used. What if I told you that there was a small device that weighed almost nothing, purified your water, and made any water source completely safe within minutes with just a swirl of magic wand? Yes, it does sound like a Cinderella story and that’s kind of what it is.

This piece of wizardy is called the Steripen and has been trusted by professionals across the globe to be taken to developing countries to be used in water purification efforts. There are many different types, but they run on either battery or USB charge and can purify thousands of liters of water throughout its lifetime. That is SO much water. These wands are about as big as your hand and can be taken literally anywhere.

Planning a cruise this summer? The Steripen will guarantee that you don’t get seasick from the water (that you drink). How about going to Greece for your honeymoon? Might want to pack a Steripen in case your hotel water is unsafe to consume. Do you want to stop having to waste money on cartons of plastic water? The Steripen will replace hundreds of those cases for you.

These incredible gadgets are not the only interesting finds in Appalachian Outfitters, there are hundreds more. How about safety headphones for runners and bikers that sit on top of your ears so that you can still hear traffic? Pretty neat. What about a travel solar panel charger that always allows you to have a back-up charge? Hmm, that’d be great for my cousin the photographer. What about a water bottle that holds ice for 30 hours straight? You know what, my son, the soccer player, could use that. Why yes, he could. These and many other great gift ideas await you at Appalachian Outfitters, so come check them out this season.

Outdoor Adventure Gifts

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