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Outdoor Recreation in Belmont County

Belmont County, the very name of which is French for “beautiful mountain,” is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding outdoor recreation. From the western end of the county at Egypt Valley Wildlife Area all the way to the Ohio River, you’ll find a variety of outdoor recreation ideas (see the website for more). It’s easy to reconnect with nature at these places.

Barkcamp State Park (65330 Barkcamp Rd.) Belmont County’s rugged hills provide the backdrop for picturesque Barkcamp State Park. In addition to fine recreational facilities (including a bridle trail), visitors will enjoy the mature woodlands, open meadows, scenic lake and abundant wildlife of this secluded 1,232-acre park.

Dysart Woods (five miles from the village of Belmont on SR 147), a 50-acre track of old-growth forest, is the largest known remnant of the original forest of southeastern Ohio. Some of the spectacular oaks you will see are 400 years old, stand over 140 feet high, and have a diameter of four feet. Ohio University has preserved the woods by keeping it in its natural state.

The Department of Environmental and Plant Biology conducts studies of the woods and the surrounding fields as a laboratory to learn more about the dynamics of a mature oak ecosystem. There are two marked trails for hiking.

Egypt Valley Wildlife Area (via I-70 and SR 800). Located in the middle of two land parcels totaling over 18,000 acres, Egypt Valley Wildlife Area is popular for hunting, fishing, hiking, bird watching, photography, and sight-seeing. A variety of fish, fowl, and animals can be found here.

Raven Rocks (54167 Crum Rd., Beallsville). Originally known as the First Ravine of the Raven Rocks by early pioneers, it was named after the many ravens that nested in the overhanging ledges of the unusual and astonishing rock formation.

Captina Creek Birding Trail has five stops that include Raven Rocks and Dysart Woods, as well as the Powhatan Point Marina, the Captina Creek mainstream at Alledonia and the south fork of the creek at Rainbow’s End. Located in both Belmont and Monroe counties, the Captina Creek Watershed is valued for its pristine water quality and diverse range of species.

Zion Retreat and RV Park (334 E. High St., Flushing). Zion is an 800-acre retreat and nature center with a 27-acre lake, RV campground, rustic and luxury cabins, 1.85-mile walking trail, and many outdoor recreational opportunities.

Piedmont Lake (I-70, Exit 202, SR 800 N to Marina Rd.) Located in both Belmont and Harrison counties, this 10-acre lake is considered by many to be Muskingum Watershed Conservancy’s most scenic. It holds the record for muskellunge and is a favorite of anglers and boaters.

According to research, spending time outdoors has significant and wide-ranging health benefits. And, according to Belmont County Tourism, spending time outdoors in this area is time well spent.

Outdoor Recreation in Belmont County

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