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Pedego Peninsula

Not a “Real” Bike They Thought!

Everything Changed When They Went for a Ride

Keith and Nancy Gecking like to camp and it was on a trip out west last year that they became acquainted with a new way to move around campgrounds — electric bikes. On a stop to visit friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, they tried out Pedegos and were hooked. Keith says it was kind of like the old Remington commercial — “We liked it so much we bought a franchise here.”

“It was really true joy and excitement,” he says. “We really couldn’t stop grinning. It’s very hilly terrain there, and the e-bikes were very comfortable, looked like ‘regular’ bicycles and were stable. It took me from a downer (on electric bikes) to somebody who just couldn’t get enough of it and really had a lot of fun.”

The couple bought their own Pedegos once back in Ohio, and in the process, they noticed the “Own a Store” tab on Pedego’s website. After looking around, they realized there were no Pedego stores in Ohio. It didn’t take them long to make that plunge, either. They wanted something they could do together.

Keith had spent most of his career in vehicle dealerships, first in sales, then in finance, and most recently selling after-market products to dealerships. Opening a Pedego store allows both of them to share their joy of riding, making it a seamless transition.

The best part for Keith and Nancy is helping others get acquainted with electric cycling, and then falling in love with it. “We sell bikes in pairs, one at a time,” Keith says, explaining that once half of a couple takes to Pedegos, the other half soon follows.

A Pedego electric bike is just like a “regular” bike, only better. Your ride on a Pedego bike starts the same as any other bike when you get on and start pedaling. The difference begins when you engage the “pedal assist” feature, which senses your pedaling and provides assistance automatically to maintain your speed. The amount of assistance is determined by you.

If you get tired, you can adjust the assist throttle and stop pedaling entirely. The twist throttle will control your speed to accommodate inclines and rough terrain, if that’s what you want. You can return to whatever pedaling mode you want at any time. One of the best features of a Pedego bike is that when you reach your destination, you can use pedal assist or throttle control for your return trip, if you’d like.

There are many different models of Pedego electric bikes, including Tandems and Trikes. They come in a variety of colors and different options. There are models with a step-through design, eliminating the need for the rider to swing their leg up over the bike to get on. There is also a model (the Boomerang Plus) with an exceptionally low step through of only 9 inches.

Rentals are available for $15 an hour/$125 a day (8 hours) to $35 an hour/$180 a day, depending on which model you choose. Lock and helmet options are available. You can book the bike of your choice (based on availability) online and have it waiting for you when you arrive.

The newest Pedego electric bike showroom and rental station is located at 1593 Main Street in Peninsula, Ohio, just one minute from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Currently this is the only Pedego store in Ohio. Check their website,, or go to their Facebook page, Pedego Electric Bikes Peninsula NE Ohio, for up-to-date store hours and to see more about the different models for purchase.

Book your rental online at and use the code COMPASS to get one hour FREE!

Pedego Peninsula

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