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Own a Pond? Share Your Spot

Find a great fishing pond with FishMySpot

Have you ever found a hobby that you were passionate for? At FishMySpot, our passion is to cultivate an angler’s love for fishing through pond sharing. We are an online marketplace for private pond/lake owners to list their spot and share with their community.

Our mission is to connect families with unique fishing experiences, the community and each other. In 2020, FishMySpot had over 650 men, women and children fish from our online marketplace. Our pond owners, collectively, made $5,000+. Positively, we had zero complaints from our pond owners and anglers.

Why share your pond/lake with FishMySpot? There are many reasons. Each time your pond is fished, you get paid and may earn tax benefits+. During the listing process, we provide suggested rental rates based on the acreage of your pond, but you know your pond and community best, so you are in full control of pricing.

Pond owners are also in complete control when it comes to sharing their spot. You dictate the days/hours available during the week, catch/keep or catch/release, and any additional amenities. Also, safety is a priority for our pond owners and anglers. We cover our landowners under a $1 million general liability insurance policy++. Our anglers agree to our terms and conditions prior to stepping foot on your property. Should an angler not abide by our requirements, we ban them from our marketplace.

Find a great fishing pond with FishMySpot

FishMySpot covers the entire booking process from start to finish. You receive the personal information of an angler, including date and time of reservation, before they step foot on your property. We never release your address until the reservation process is complete. Our company also provides marketing for you that includes, yard and parking signs for our guests.

We have an array of resources (i.e., local pond maintenance companies, fish hatcheries and landscape) to help pond owners maintain their spot. At the request of our pond owners, we have implemented a review and rating system that helps track the catch of an angler so the pond owner is provided with better insight in the environment of their pond.

During the 2020 season, Patty C. (pond owner) from Canton stated “the family that came to fish yesterday was adorable. I loved seeing the excitement of the little boy when he caught a largemouth bass. Made my day. I’m loving this.”

In today’s messy world, FishMySpot is a calming spot during challenging times. Are you ready to join our community? For more information go to or 1-844-446-3474. Get hooked!

+ Earnings of $600+

++ Insurance policy is in line with other sharing economy platforms (e.g. AirBNB, RVshare, Hipcamp, Swimply)

Own a Pond? Share Your Spot

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