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Preparing Your Boat for the Season

The second the cold weather lifts and the sun shines again, you can bet it’s time to get your pontoon back out on the water. But just like it’s important to winterize your boat for storage, you need to make sure you have everything you need to de-winterize your boat. Whether you’re planning to fish or relax out on the lake, follow these tips to get your boat ready.

  1. Inspect your engine. You want to make sure your engine is in good shape and ready for boating season. Refer to your engine’s owner’s manual and check the spark plugs on your boat. If there’s any rust present, odds are it’ll be in your engine. You also want to be sure to change the fuel filter, inspect the fuel line for cracks, and change the oil. If it has been more than three years since you had a water pump replaced, it would be a great idea to get it done now before the season starts.
  2. Give your battery some love and care. A dead battery is a common problem all boaters face. That said, you want to make sure yours is working properly and that it’s fully charged before taking your pontoon anywhere. Consider taking your boat to the marina to check the status of your battery. If you can charge your battery yourself, it’s recommended to let it charge overnight.
  3. Check the hull for cracks. You want to inspect the hull of your pontoon for dents, cracks, or blisters when you take your boat out of storage. If you notice any cracks, make the necessary arrangements to have them repaired. Wash the dirt and grime that’s built up during the winter months away. Wait for your boat to dry before waxing it.
  4. Consider installing new gadgets. Once your boat is ready for the water, think about sprucing things up in your pontoon for the upcoming summer months. New boat accessories, lighting systems, or a grill can be a lot of fun. You can even think about investing in a new pontoon for the new season.
  5. Make sure all your safety items work and are up to date. Take the time to make sure your lights, bilge pump and all your safety equipment are clean and up to date.

Preparing Your Boat for the Season

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