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What’s cooking at Main Street Grille?

Our favorite recipes to combat the cold!

By Preston Milstead

This winter season we challenged ourselves to come up with hearty, unique, and delicious dishes that remind of us of home-cooked meals with friends and family.

Let’s start with our Southern Chops dinner. We are featuring juicy tender rib chops that are able to hold up to the flavor of our Bacon Bourbon Hash.

One of Chef Mike’s favorites, and soon to be yours, our Bacon Bourbon Hash is made with a sweet bourbon and Ohio maple syrup to give it just a slight sweetness that rests on your tongue while the peppercorn bacon balances the sweet with heat. With two pork chops and a generous helping of Bacon Bourbon Hash you better come hungry!

Next up is a unique dish that we had to look through some old books to name. Chicken Bruscare (bruh-scar-eh) takes a lot of what we do very well and layers all of it into a tasty dish. First all, we have char grilled chicken breast that has been rubbed with our citrus smoke spice blend, then a pecan smoked pork shoulder bacon is grilled and placed on top of the chicken.

That is topped with our tomato, basil, balsamic blend and finally, a fresh Boursin cheese is melted over everything. Every piece of this sings a wonderful song by itself; but when they come together, it is a beautiful harmony.

Lumen Nation

By Tom Rafferty

Like most Northeast Ohioans, your home projects have probably turned from outdoor to indoor. After all, who wants to build a deck or install landscape lighting in freezing temperatures? Whether you are painting your family room or remodeling your entire kitchen, it is always a good idea to re-evaluate your lighting.

A simple change, such as upgrading your dining room light, can dramatically improve the look of the room. Lighting designs have come a long way throughout the years and there are so many more options now than there ever has been. Some of the current style trends include rustic-farmhouse and industrial-modern; however, there are still styles that have endured the test of time such as French-country and craftsman.

Colors and finishes are important to keep in mind when selecting the perfect lighting fixture for your room. If you like warm tones and are drawn to natural and earthy colors, the soft gold and satin brass fixture finishes which we have seen a resurgence of may be the best option for you. And if you prefer the cool tones of whites, grays, blues and even light greens, you would probably be better off looking at light fixtures that are brushed nickel, aged silver, chrome or polished nickel.

As you browse through your local lighting showroom, keep in mind that most lighting fixture styles are available in multiple finishes. It is always a good idea to take a picture of your room before you venture out to find your light. This will help the staff at your local lighting showroom assist you in making the proper selection.

There are many beautiful styles of light fixtures and there is always a perfect one for your application. So when you are installing your new floor, countertop or appliances and when you are satisfied with the paint job you just did, take a look at your lighting. It may be time for a well-deserved upgrade.

Pine Cone Gift Shoppe

By Gary Chapman

Have you ever sat in your favorite chair, couch or bed with a nice hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate or cider, covered up with your favorite blanket in front of a warm fireplace and thought to yourself about what all the past few months of winter has done to you mentally and physically? The need to shovel the driveway after several inches of snow has fallen, be stuck inside because of below freezing temperatures, and to maintain your mental stability is a daily task almost everyone goes through. It is never fun having to wake up on a Tuesday morning, looking outside to see if the roads are covered with snow and to then plan your day. You have to make sure you wear the proper attire; gloves, hat, scarf, boots and a heavy jacket to stay warm. Winter season loves to mess with your mood to see if you’re going to be happy or sad.

Being locked up in your home and looking around at all the areas where you have taken down decorations from the holiday season creates a sense of wonder of what to do next because of the feeling of the dullness and plainness your home looks now that everything is back to the way it was. Do not worry though; Pine Cone Gift Shoppe is here to help.

Whether you need to spruce up the living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen, you’ll find some treasures to fill those areas and make them look spectacular. From small items like battery operated candles to large pieces of pottery, these simple, yet elegant decorations can take anyone away from the winter blues and turn it into some decorating fun and cheer.

If you are in need of a little help for any reason, Pine Cone Gift Shoppe is available. We can assist with all your decorating needs. It can be as simple as moving furniture around or adding just a beautiful picture to any room to lighten up some space, we are here to accommodate you. The expert advice and dedication to our customers mean that our changes will bring in the feeling of a new space, and you will have that wonderful energy and cheer back to get you through the rest of the winter season. Just know that no matter the season, Pine Cone Gift Shoppe will always bring happiness to every home with passion and delight.

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