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Should I renovate before I sell

Making the right investment in your home can be complicated. There are so many choices to make. What floors should I have? What is the best flow of my home to accommodate our lifestyle? Am I making the correct choices to increase my home’s equity? Who should I hire to help guide me with the changes I want or need? These are all questions people ask when looking to renovate, buy or sell their home. That’s where I come into play!

For years I have been helping guide my clients to make the right investment which will enable them to get the most value out of their homes. With the assistance of a great network of capable contractors and reliable local retailers, we can bring your vision to life. The first step in this process is to take the time to get to know the clients. After meeting with them and talking with them, we can determine the best solutions for their areas of concern. Renovating your home can be costly, so it is imperative to pay close attention to the budget and the value of your home to make sure at the end of the day you are not only happy with the results, but you will also feel great about the increased value of your home.

The majority of people think they should not renovate there home before they sell because the buyer can do whatever renovations they want after they move in. While this is definitely true, making the changes before the sale will increase the sale price, meaning more money for you to invest in your next home. Most home buyers don’t want a “fixer upper” because they are not sure what changes to make and cannot visualize them. They are also afraid to tackle renovations and fear what it might cost them. Whether you are looking to sell or buy a home, Josh King Designs can help you decide what changes you need to make the house fit your needs and what will increase the value of the property. I can give you the figures and do the work to put your mind at ease.

Recently I have helped sellers make the correct choices to gain the most equity, achieve jaw-dropping results, and sell their properties for top dollar. Whether it is a full-scale renovation or merely changing paint colors, my team and I will see that the project is completed satisfactorily. We will then bring in furniture or do whatever else is necessary to stage the house appropriately for sale. One of our recent projects was assisting a client who bought a condo for $90,000. We advised an investment of $25,000 for renovations. The property is now priced to sell for $135,000 – a profit of $20,000 for the seller. Another client saw an additional $61,000 after purchasing a home for $100,000 and investing $90,000 in renovations. An additional perk, it sold after being on the market for just four days.

Josh King Designs has a variety of packages available for clients to make the best improvements and stay budget friendly. Services range from furniture selection, finish selections, renovations, home staging and organizing, holiday décor, and curb appeal. For more information about how you can increase the value of your home before you sell, contact Josh King Designs by phone at 330-705-4126, email an inquiry to or check out their Facebook page at JoshKingDesigns2017.

Should I renovate before I sell

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