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Spectrum Orthopaedics Canton Ohio

By Jeffrey S. Dulik, DO

Knee Replacement Innovation!

It’s a surgery that’s taking medical advances to new heights. At Spectrum Orthopaedics, Inc., and Ohio Specialty Surgical Suites we are providing patients with the latest advances in partial knee replacement surgery utilizing the NAVIO robotic-assisted surgical system.

John Tasseff is an 82 year old Navarre, Ohio resident who enjoys competing in track and field events and dancing with his wife. Earlier this year, I evaluated Tasseff at Spectrum Orthopaedics and recommended a partial knee replacement of his left knee due to arthritis. “I couldn’t walk up and down stairs, walking in general became very painful and I missed dancing with my wife,” said Tasseff.

After the procedure Tasseff said, “I am so happy I chose Dr. Dulik to perform my partial knee replacement. Before the surgery I was having difficulty competing in track and field events (shot put and discus) in the Senior Olympics Competition because of spinning and force on my knees. Within eight months of my surgery and during competition this summer, I was able to compete with no pain and truly enjoy these sports activities again. All is good.”

Knee replacement at Spectrum Orthopedics

Tasseff underwent a standard procedure for partial knee replacement and has done well. The benefits of partial knee replacement have been well documented. This procedure is technically demanding and depends on excellent placement of the components and balancing of the soft tissues. To ensure an excellent outcome, we have stepped up our game and now offer one of the most advanced robotic- assisted partial knee replacements.

The NAVIO robotic-assisted partial knee replacement surgical system allows doctors to be precise when it comes to the operation. It allows you to put the components in with precision so you’re able to really define a patient’s anatomy and implant placement. Robotic precision can be one of the keys to successful patient recovery and I believe this surgery provides surgical precision without the necessity of a CT scan.

Additionally, the NAVIO robotic-assisted surgical system provides robotic-controlled assistance, aiding in precise surgical outcomes for patients living with knee pain caused by early to mid-stage osteoarthritis. NAVIO surgery differs from other robotic-assisted surgery with unique algorithmic technology which allows for hand held instrumentation to assist surgeons during the partial knee replacement procedure.

We are able to create a model of the patient’s knee movement and bone anatomy using computer-assisted virtualization that doesn’t require having the patient undergo a CT scan. Using this virtual model, I plan the location of the implant and balance the knee through bending. Finally, using the NAVIO hand piece, I then prepare the bone to accept the implant. The end result is a partial knee replacement that gives patients a return to daily activity and decrease in pain. During the procedure, the diseased portion of the bone is replaced with an implant that spares healthy bone and returns function.

The difference in this new technology for partial knee replacement is the use of a robotic-controlled smart instrument that places the precision of robotics in the surgeon’s hands, allowing for accurate and predictable bone resurfacing and replacement.

Donald Zimmerman, MD, a local physician, underwent a robotic-assisted partial knee replacement in early October. “I was unable to walk more than 50 feet without severe pain”, said Dr. Zimmerman. “I am now able to walk without limitation.” He returned to seeing patients two weeks after surgery and was extremely pleased with his care at Ohio Specialty Surgical Suites. When asked about his results Dr. Zimmerman stated, “I highly recommend this surgery. My opposite knee is having pain and I will have this knee done as well.”

Physicians at Spectrum Orthopaedics perform robotic partial and total knee replacements onsite at the Ohio Specialty Surgical Suites outpatient surgery center. Ohio Specialty Surgical Suites has the distinction of being the first ambulatory surgical center in the country to receive Advanced Certification for Total Hip and Knee Replacements by The Joint Commission.

To learn more about the benefits of the NAVIO robotic-assisted surgical system in an outpatient setting, Spectrum Orthopaedics and the Ohio Specialty Surgical Suites, contact us at 330-305-0838 or visit us online at

Spectrum Orthopaedics Canton Ohio

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