Grab Your Favorite Sled and Enjoy a Snowy Day Before It’s Too Late!

The history of sledding crosses continents and time as man found many practical uses for sleds, from hauling supplies across the Arctic to an army in 103 BC that used their shields as sleds to cross the Alps. But the Flexible Flyer sled in 1860 began a tradition that is still popular today as kids of all ages head to the nearest hill with their sturdy wooden sled with runners and patented steering.

Enjoy the winter camping season throughout Ohio

Spending time outdoors doesn’t stop just because the temperature takes a dip. The air is crisp, there are no crowds, and many exciting winter adventures await you to come out and play. In fact, many believe it is the best time of the year to head out to the woods.

How spending time outside in winter is part of a healthy life.

For years we have heard about SAD (seasonal affective disorder), a theory that reduced daylight hours can cause depression. However, recent Auburn University at Montgomery studies believe objective data does not support the concept of seasonal depression.

5 Reasons Why We Desire Comfort Foods

I can already smell and taste the warmth of a rich macaroni and cheese full of gooey cheeses, mashed potatoes rich in butter and milk, or a bowl full of chili topped with cheese and sour cream.