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Strength Train for Weight Loss


By Travis Coblentz

When most people think of losing weight, they think of countless hours running on a treadmill or mind-numbing time spent on an elliptical or stair climber. Is this the most effective way to lose weight? Not necessarily. Strength or weight training paired with increased heart rate through cardio is the way to go. Strength training helps to grow muscle, and more muscle will result in a higher running metabolism. The higher your metabolism runs, the more calories you will naturally burn.

Strength training is also able to trigger what is called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). EPOC is a state your body goes into after resistance training to replenish the depleted oxygen and energy stores in your body, which means your body is burning calories to rebuild and return to a normal resting state. EPOC is able to burn calories for hours after your workout is over. The most effective way to trigger EPOC is with strength and weight training, not cardio. Once a cardio-based workout ends, the calorie burning ends as well. Not only does strength training help with burning calories and fat, it also increases your overall strength making daily life activities easier. Lifting objects from the floor, yardwork and anything that requires a little muscle can be performed more efficiently. unspecified-4

During your next workout, instead of doing cardio exercises alone, be sure to add in strength and weight training. Your body will definitely feel the difference.

Strength Train for Weight Loss

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