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Summer at the Lakes

By Adria Bergeron
Atwood Sail boats 2

Living in Ohio, we LIVE for summer and Ohio summers are truly the best. The warm, sunny days not only help rejuvenate you after the winter months have passed, but the long summer nights stay warm, long after the sun has set. There is no better time to make memories, sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling stories. Summer is finally here. Go out and enjoy!

Summer days are best when they start early. When the air is still a little cool and the sun is rising is the best time to hit a trail and explore nature. The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) has an abundance of trails to wander. Whether you are interested in a leisurely stroll or heading out for miles, trails are an important amenity the MWCD is continuously working to improve and are available for public access at all of the MWCD facilities. The Buckeye Trail, which winds around the State of Ohio for nearly 1,444 miles, is headquartered near the shores of Tappan Lake in Harrison County. Pleasant Hill Lake Park has nearly 88 miles of equine trails that connect the nearby Malabar Farm and Mohican State Parks.
Fishing and Kayaks
Fishing is also best early in the morning on summer days. As the day heats up, the fish head toward the bottom of the lake, making them more difficult to snag on a line. If you are an avid fisherman, Piedmont, Leesville and Clendening Lakes should be at the top of your “favorite fishing lake” list. The horsepower limit is low (9.9) which keep the fish biting and the water calm. Clendening Lake is often compared to fishing in Canada by some of our frequent guests with the undeveloped shorelines and peaceful natural surroundings.

Need a little more activity? Head to Tappan, Seneca or Atwood Lake Parks between Memorial Day and Labor Day and see if you are able to conquer the obstacle course in the water. The water toys are a hit for kids of all ages, young and old. Pleasant Hill and Charles Mill Lake Parks also have swimming beaches where sandcastles are made and kids are kept cool. Family activities, events and entertainment are planned at these five parks, all summer long. The NEW Explorers of Nature program encourages kids, ages 4 to 15, to discover the world around us. Programs are held on Saturdays throughout the summer, from June 18 through August 6. Each week will feature an exciting nature topic with outdoor exploration, games, and a take-home project. Attend at least five out of the eight sessions and receive a limited edition t-shirt. Registration forms are available at
The 4th of July is the pinnacle of summer. The skies light up red, white and blue at Atwood, Charles Mill, Seneca and Tappan Lake Parks over the July 4th weekend. Pleasant Hill entertains the skies later in the month for their Christmas in July Celebration on July 16th. For a complete list of MWCD events and locations, visit

Summer at the Lakes

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