Eagle Ridge Disc Golf

Ohio currently ranks as the 9th best disc golf state in the US, with over 400 courses. The addition of Eagle Ridge will bring a much-needed course to the Coshocton area, which currently has none.

Stark Area Regional Transit Authority is Essential

Throughout the crisis SARTA’s team took extraordinary—and extraordinarily heroic—steps to live up to that designation by transporting first responders, health care professionals and other essential employees.

Massillon Parks and Recreation Winter Activities

The City of Massillon Parks and Recreation provides over 30 parks and open spaces. It features over 500 programs and events yearly including sports, aquatics, special events, and fitness and wellness programs. All these programs are open to the community and its surrounding areas.

Ohio Clean Hydrogen Hub Alliance

Stark Area Regional Transit Authority’s (SARTA) commitment to developing and deploying zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell technology in the public transportation space.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. There are six popular ways to practice intermittent fasting.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

This technology allows mental health professionals to evaluate and identify their client’s needs and anxieties within the safety of a consultation room.

Thyroid Problems? What to look for.

  By Kim Wagler, BA, CPT, Compass Media Contributing Writer So you’ve been working out hard and not seeing the results you want. Have you ever wondered what is happening in that wonderful little body of yours? Some of you may have heard that the thyroid can cause metabolic conditions resulting in weight loss, weight […]

Heart Attack

  By Barbara Van Horn Life is a precious gift given to us by God. We need to cherish and treasure each day. We hear those words all the time but often they don’t mean much until you come close to losing that precious gift of life. Up until about three months ago I considered […]

OGLEBAY Wheeling West Virginia

By Elaine Kish While well known for its spectacular holiday light display, most visitors do not realize that Oglebay Park in Wheeling, West Virginia, has so much more to offer all year long. Intrigued by both the location and activities, I recently visited the 1,775-acre park with my granddaughters, Zoe and Emily.     By […]


By Elaine Kish, Compass Media Staff Writer Every day millions of Americans use their health insurance coverage for everything from wellness physicals to major surgeries and hospitalizations. But what happens when your pet needs medical treatment? In 1997 a group of investors in Canton, Ohio, saw a need for a service to pet owners in […]