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Be Thankful for the Small Things

A thankful family at the holidays

The average Joe does not usually get a chance to celebrate. We get stuck in our routine and we forget to be thankful and celebrate the small things. Finding a few bucks in your wallet. Getting a nice note from your spouse. No matter what it is, it’s important to remember the little victories.

Holidays are a great way to celebrate these little victories. They’re a way to give thanks and enjoy our time with friends and family. Life gets so busy that we forget to be grateful for things we sometimes take for granted.

A holiday meal on a kitchen table is something to be thankful for

Consider this a reminder that not only are holidays a day away from work, but they’re also a chance to be thankful.

While many of us enjoy a day away from work and some good food, some people do not have that option. Holidays remind me to be grateful for this. Because while I’m relaxing and chowing down, there’s a ton of people who aren’t lucky enough to be doing the same. While you’re enjoying your day off, remember the little victory that is a day away from work.

I spend the holidays with my family and closest friends, and I’m lucky to be able to do this. I know many of our family members can be annoying, but then I remember that I’m fortunate enough to have family, I can be thankful for the people in my life.

If your family consists of you, your spouse, and your dog, be thankful for that. If it’s just you and your child, be thankful for that. Family means whatever you want it to mean. I hope you’re thankful for whatever family you have.

Think of how often we complain about things we should really be thankful for. Waking up each day. A loving dog or spouse. A chance to walk up the stairs with two working legs. Some of us complain about our job rather than being thankful that we have one.

We complain about our spouse rather than being thankful that we have someone who loves us and someone to love in return. This is a reminder to be thankful for all those things that lots of us would love to have and be lost without.

Many of us forget the true meaning of the holidays. I encourage you to think about and be thankful for the small things in your life.

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