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The 29th Annual Medina Ice Festival

Celebrate Winter’s Beauty at the 29th Annual Medina Ice Festival

From February 17-20, Medina hosts its 29th Annual Ice Carving Festival, which is the largest festival in Northeast Ohio. This must-see event expects over 120 sculptures and will give you a reason to come out and enjoy!

The history of ice sculpting goes back thousands of years as people came to appreciate the gift from nature. From its humble beginnings as a carving of ice to preserve food, it has since grown into an art form used to entertain, decorate and serve as functional displays.

Skilled artists use simple tools, such as chisels, hair dryers, irons, and chainsaws, to create masterpieces out of frozen water. The ideal temperature for the ice is between 15-25 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning the sculptor must work in extreme conditions, and often a walk-in freezer is used to maintain an even temperature.

The Ice Festival is a judged event; awards are given in various categories.

The Medina Competition offers a chance to see these artists at work and appreciate their fine attention to detail. The carvings are displayed in and around Historic Medina Square and the South Town District and are available round the clock. During the evening hours, color-changing LED lights highlight the sculptures.

These 3-D masterpieces are exquisite in design and craftsmanship. One artist may create a dramatic dragon, and another can depict a sailboat. The ice lends itself to an artist’s interpretation. The temperature and surrounding conditions can impact the composition and clarity of the ice. A sculptor may desire a block of ice that is clear or cloudy, depending on the design.

While visiting the Ice Festival, leave some time to visit the quaint shops and local eateries. Main Street Medina boasts over 35 bakeries, restaurants, and snack places. Throughout the year, the town hosts many events and activities for the entire family.

The community is warm and welcoming, and once you discover Main Street Medina and all it has to offer, you will want to come back and see what each new season brings to this charming town.

The 29th Annual Medina Ice Festival

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