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The Polar Bear Express

The following was written as a guest post for the official blog of the Ohio Division of Tourism, Discovering Ohio.

The Columbus Pedal Wagon and the Cincinnati Pedal Wagon is a contraption that requires you and a group of able-bodied buddies to hop on board and use your man-power to wheel the wagon from bar to bar to bar!

And just because we are smack dab in the middle of winter does not mean that the pedal wagon goes into hibernation. You can book a ride on the Polar Bear ExpressNOW throughout winter!

I recently went on a Columbus Pedal Wagon excursion on an Ohio State Buckeyes game day with friends and family.

The Columbus Pedal Wagon offers various routes which you can sign up for that will allow you to navigate the vehicle to various drinking establishments within different neighborhoods. The tours last approximately 2 hours, and you usually get to visit about 3-4 different bars in that timeframe, depending on how long you stay at each one, and how far apart they are.

The Polar Bear Express

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