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The Suns Flower

Up close image of the suns flower for the Lindsey Homecoming and Sunflower Festival

Lindsey Homecoming and Sunflower Festival

Celebration of all things Sunflowers. In rural Lindsey, Ohio, the last week of July is celebrated each summer, marking the culmination of an annual tradition that finds vibrant sunflower blooms bursting into full splendor during this week every year.

The beautiful blooms have inspired family trips to Lindsey to take photos, go on wagon rides through the fields or simply awe at the simple yet splendid beauty as these flowers reach for the sun. The fields have also inspired an annual local Festival known as the “Lindsey Homecoming and Sunflower Festival”. This event takes place the last Saturday of July at Wendelle Miller Park, located at 240 S Main St, in Lindsey. This year’s event falls on Saturday, July 27th, and promises a day filled with Kid’s Games, Live Entertainment, Craft Vendors, Food Trucks, BINGO, Cake Walk, Baby Royalty & Sunflower Contest, Cornhole Tournament, and More!

So, whether you’re a long-time resident or a first-time visitor, be sure to join us at the Lindsey Sunflower & Homecoming Festival to celebrate the beauty and charm of small-town life and all things sunflowers!

• Sunflower & Homecoming Festival, Saturday, July 27, 2024. Wendelle Miller Park, 240 S Main St, Lindsey, OH 43442

• The Suns Flower (Sunflower Fields), Expected to be in bloom July 25 – Aug 3, 2024, 2956 County Road 92, Lindsey, OH.

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