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Tips to Staying Active in the Colder Months

Tips to Staying Active in the Colder Months 

By Mary Vlahos

 srBTfCKyDvuiyS2rOsiazZ5JpCxwUTVann106CmF3uk,sa3MJu3Gk-kXoqjeVeQtOiv3GcPdKfexNmpG10bL82kStaying active during the fall and winter is always a challenge. Going to the gym is effective, but it does tend to get boring. I’ve compiled a few ideas to get you out of the house with activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Biking is an activity that you can do well into fall. In Stark County we have part of the famous Towpath Trail that stretches south to New Philadelphia and north all the way up to Peninsula. To get a map of the Towpath Trail go to If you’re an adventurous bike enthusiast, look for other bike trails throughout Ohio at .

There are more than 21 golf courses in our area, but did you know we also have disc golf? Disc Golf is played with a variety of discs of different weights. The object is to get the discs into an elevated disc basket or hole, and the rules are very similar to traditional golf. Purchasing a set of discs is far less expensive than a set of golf clubs and can be an activity enjoyed by the entire family. Disc courses are everywhere. Some examples of our local disc courses would be: Arboretum Spiker Park in Canton, Schneider Community Park in Plain Township, and the Oak Ledges Disc Golf Course in Massillon. To learn the basics of disc golf, go to

As the weather turns to snow and your body turns to the couch, STOP! There are winter activity options too. Most people know about skiing at Brandywine and Boston Mills, but did you know you can cross-country ski at Quail Hollow State Park? Visit the park this winter and cross-country ski or snowshoe Quail Hollow’s gently rolling meadows, woods, and bridle trails. The ski rental shop, located in the Manor House, is open when the ground is frozen with a snow depth of 4 inches.


Hiking can be a fun winter activity. There are many walking trails in our wide array of parks. You can even join a walking club that will get you motivated and give you an opportunity to meet new people. One way to make your walk more exciting is to go geocaching. This combines hiking with a treasure hunt of sorts. You will need a GPS enabled device (most people download mobile apps to their phones), and a map with locations which can be found online. Check out . This is a fun family activity that will liven up your walk and can even turn into a year round, family hobby.

Pick up an indoor sport. There are many facilities that can accommodate group activities or will have leagues for you to join. Think about joining a bowling, tennis, hockey, or racquetball league. Another option is to take lessons. Have you always wanted to be able to dance or ice skate? Both activities are a great way to burn calories while learning a new skill. Center Ice Sports Complex in North Canton has lessons and hockey leagues for all ages. There are also outdoor sports that move indoors in the winter. Try some area indoor batting cages or golf simulators to keep up your skills through the winter months. Grand Slam family entertainment center in North Canton has basketball courts, volleyball courts, batting cages, miniature golf, and baseball and softball lessons.

Now it’s time to pick a sport or activity or two, make a plan, and stick to it. Fall and winter can be a great time to be outdoors or enjoy an indoor sport or activity. Get out there and stay active! It can be fun for the whole family.

Tips to Staying Active in the Colder Months 

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