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Top Ten Gifts for Runners

Believe it or not, the holidays are already well on their way. Department stores seem to have an agenda that brings out red and green tinsel and Christmas sales before we can even get through Halloween. It’s tough to go shopping without seeing festive decorations or stumbling on candy-cane scented candles.

Despite the Santa Clause-themed onslaught seeming far too early, we all know Christmas day will be here before we know it, and the last thing you want to be is unprepared. Holiday shopping can be tough, so we’re here to help. Here are the top 10 things you can get your favorite runner this holiday season:

#1 – A new GPS watch – Any distance runner knows how convenient it is to have your exact distance available right at your fingertips (and strapped to your wrist). Having a good GPS watch allows you to know how far you went and at what pace.

A lot of the newer ones are outfitted with fancy heartrate monitors and other fitness trackers as well.

#2 – Headphones – While most people already have headphones, not everyone has headphones that are good for running.

Keeping your favorite tunes bumping can take a run from terrible to at least not so bad. Our top recommendation is the brand Aftershokz—they make bone-conducting headphones that sit outside your ears. This allows you to hear traffic AND your music, preserving your safety and mid-run karaoke session.

#3 – Sunglasses – When the temperatures get frosty, the last thing on your mind may be a pair of sunglasses, which makes them the perfect gift for that runner in your life. A good pair of sunglasses can guard your eyeballs from both the brilliant sun and the pelting snowflakes.

#4 – Water-resistant running shoes – Nothing is worse than cold, wet toes. A pair of shoes with some form of water-resistant material can help protect your feet from winter slush soaking through.

#5 – Rubber floor mats – After running around outside in their water-resistant shoes, there is definitely going to be some snow stuck to them. With rubber floor mats, you can help the runner in your life protect their car from the elements.

#6 – Gym membership – And not because they’ve eaten too many holiday cookies! Having access to a gym means they can hop on a treadmill whenever the temps get too low. Plus, distance runners can always benefit from some weight training, too.

#7 – Body Glide – All those extra layers of clothing to protect from the cold may be setting you up for a different kind of discomfort: chafing. Chafing is caused by friction, and if you add moisture to the mix (sweat), your chances of a painful rash are on the rise.

#8 – Nutrition – Getting your body moving on a freezing day can be tough, and it’s even harder if you haven’t fueled properly. Stuff a runner’s stocking with some energy gels, granola bars, and other nutrition options to keep them moving!

#9 – Hats and gloves – This might seem like a no-brainer, but having several pairs of high-quality gloves and multiple hats or headbands on deck can be a lifesaver in the winter months. When one set is still wet from the day before, having a clean and dry pair to use feels like a luxury.

#10 – A gift card to your local running specialty store – still not sure what to get them?? Stop in at a local running specialty store and grab a gift card so they can pick out whatever they need to enhance their winter run!

Holiday shopping can be intimidating, especially if the runner in your life already has everything. Keep this list in mind to make sure you can get them something they want and need this holiday season!

Top Ten Gifts for Runners

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