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Turning Age 30

Thirty is fast approaching for me. In just over 2 months, I will be ushered into a whole new level of adulthood with no turning back! 

Getting older is a privilege and I am really looking forward to turning the big 3-0. Most people put together a 30 Before 30 list when they are in their mid-20s. But, I threw one together with only several weeks to go!

Of course, as the curator of OHventures, I have a constant hope that I can spark ideas in my readers and inspire people to create bucket lists that transform life into one big adventure.

Thus, I have decided to share my personal “30 Before 30” list here on the site. Many of the items are things that you’ll end up seeing on this site (tubing, running, hiking, biking, traveling, etc.), but some others are pretty random – so bear with me!

I hope this list gives you some ideas for your own lists!

30 BEFORE 30

  1. Sign Up for Half Marathon& Begin Training – DONE– I have signed up to run the Pro Football Hall of Fame Half Marathon in Canton for the 2nd year in a row. I am shooting for a PR, but that might be pushing it! The goal is to do a full marathon by the time I am 31.

  2. Travel to Vegas for One Last Hurrah! – DONE– I will be traveling to Sin City with my college friends in March. It is only fitting for everyone to visit this crazy city one last time before he or she turns 30.

  3. Complete Body BeastWorkout – DONE– My goal is to be in the best shape of my life by the time I hit 30. Body Beast is a great program that will help accomplish this!

  4. Reach Savings Goals – DONE– The older I get, the more I look back and wish that I grasped the concept of savingearlier in my life. But, I am sure most people can say the same for themselves. I am on track to reach my pre-set goals by age 30.

  5. Have Race Shirts Made Into a Quilt– IN PROCESS- Any runner knows that participating in dozens of races each year results in overflowing dresser drawers filled with commemorative t-shirts! My good pal Rick has taken 20 of my shirts and is turning them into a really awesome t-shirt quilt.

  6. Buy a New Bike – DONE– Sold my janky bike when I moved, so I am in dire need of a new one.

  7. Visit a New Ohio City – NOT DONE– I have this harebrained idea to throw a dart at a map of Ohio and visit whatever city the dart lands on. We shall see how this goes…

  8. Acquire Passport– DONE– This one is pretty self explanatory. I am hoping that at some point in the next decade of my life, I will broaden my travels to international levels. 

  9. Revamp the Buckeye Bucket List– IN PROCESS- This one is for YOU, the reader of this fine blog. I have really been slacking with updating the Buckeye Bucket List. You will thank me later.

  10. Take a Cooking Class @ Gervasi– NOT DONE- As a huge fan of cooking, and a huge fan of the Gervasi winery, this is definitely something I need to do. 

  11. Tubing @ Brandywine– IN PROCESS – Every time I have gone to Brandywine, I have only ever skiied. Now it’s time to try something new – tubing! Scheduled for February 19.

  12. Polar Bear Jump @ Portage Lakes– DONE – As much as I don’t want to do this, it’s for a good cause and for a good story to tell if nothing else. Scheduled for February 21.

  13. “Tackle the Tower” Stair Climb in Cleveland– DONE – Scheduled for February 7.

  14. Complete Obstacle Course @ Mohican Adventures– NOT DONE- Hoping to schedule this excursion to this aerial park for April 5.
  1. Go on a “Super Hike” of the Hoover TrailMiddle Branch Trail– NOT DONE- The plan is to tackle these trails one spring morning (late March?), possibly with just my dog Slider. Solitude is important every now and again.
  1. Travel to a New State – IN PROCESS– Plans are in the works to travel to a new state sometime in May (shortly after the big 3-0). New Orleans, LA is the front runner. Adventuring involves places outside of Ohio, after all.

  2. Visit 3 New Wineries (Preferably in Ohio) – NOT DONE- Being a wino, I need to seek out new wineries all the time. Taking suggestions now, please!
  1. Organize Life – IN PROCESS- This is an extremelyabstract goal, I know. But, essentially, the OCD in me is screaming at me to organize my files, pictures, music, and other random things in my life.
  1. Drink Better Coffee – DONE– In other words, get a French press and a coffee grinder. My parents are getting this for me for my birthday so I can graduate to drinking more “adult” coffee, which is my lifeline.
  1. Buy a New Suit – DONE- Since I have to wear a suit & tie every day for work, this was overdue. 
  1. Buy a New Phone – DONE– This was not a “want,” but a “need.”
  1. Get a New Tattoo – NOT DONE- Because the older you get, the weirder it is to get ink. I actually want tattoo #6 to be Ohio themed. Likely in late March.
  1. Read More – IN PROCESS- I tried this out last year and failed. Reading is cool, and it keeps the brain sharp. Goal is to read a new book every month from here on out
  1. Book a “30th” Photo Shoot – DONE– Afun, creative, quick photo shoot with my dog and maybe some friends and family would be a nice way to usher in my 30s and commemorate finishing this list! Contacting photographer friends now!
  1. Go to a Driving Range – NOT DONE- Golfing is notmy thing. At all. But, it’s important to a lot of people, and part of me thinks I really should suck it up and learn how to swing a golf club. 
  1. Go on an “Unfollowing Spree” – IN PROCESS- This means cleaning up the friends list on all social media. Sometimes, less is more.
  1. Join the Dollar Shave Club– DONE – This is probably the dumbest thing on my list.
  1. Establish Living Will, Etc. – DONE– One of these days I will not be here. And since I do not know when “one of those days” will be, it’s wise to ensure I put all my assets in order. A great lawyer friend of mine is helping me do just that.

  2. Find New Eye Doctor & Get New Glasses – NOT DONE– This list is getting worse – it’s almost done, I swear.

  3. Make It Less About Me – IN PROCESS- This is crucial. Because while I am all about personal growth, the most important thing is to give back to others. What’s the point of life if not to try to help each other and spend time with one another? This can be accomplished in many ways: volunteering, mentoring, teaching, giving, helping, donating, and doing more selflessly. 

Turning Age 30

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