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Village of Walnut Creek

Time for an Adventure Ride in Walnut Creek

It’s that time of year. Everyone is desperate for sunshine and a change of scenery. Playing in the snow and sitting by a fire have lost their charm. Spring weather will be warm and wonderful. Families will be preparing for their first vacation of summer, and Little League practice and soccer leagues will be in full swing.

If you are like me, when you realize you have a weekend or a couple days ahead and there is nothing on your calendar or to-do list, you have a hankering for an adventure. You say to the person close to you, “Let’s go somewhere and have an adventure!”

If you haven’t planned ahead, and you don’t have money to fly to a beautiful beach, can adventures be found in northeastern Ohio? Is there a place to go for a change of scenery? A place with a different pace? An alternate rhythm of life? Yes. I can tell you with confidence, my small hometown is just the place for all of those things.

In the past fifty years, the Village of Walnut Creek, Ohio has changed dramatically and yet, it hasn’t changed at all. Neighbors still know their neighbors. The hills are covered with a patchwork of crops and pasture, trees and livestock. Driving along township roads you see early spring flowers and eager gardeners planting potatoes, onions, lettuce and radishes. As soon as possible the farmers are plowing and preparing for sowing crops. There is excitement in the air as another year of growth breaks open.

Walnut Creek is bursting with adventure. No, it’s not the latest movie or the newest electronic game but it just might be the adventure or change of pace you need. My favorite moments of spring? Hearing the spring peepers singing at dusk with the smells of spring everywhere and the greenest green you will see all year. It’s the perfect time for an adventure in Walnut Creek.

When people from out of town ask me where they can go to see Amish people and experience our area, I tell them to pick up one of the many maps available and just start driving. No need to worry about ending up in a bad part of town and you’ll find the back roads hold all sorts of surprises in cottage industry shops.

My daughter and I have always loved these drives that we long-ago dubbed “Adventure Rides.” Sunday afternoon we simply started out and let the meandering township roads take us wherever they might twist and turn. Those rides never failed to lift my spirits.

If you are suffering from cabin fever or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), come to Walnut Creek and take your own Adventure Ride. If you really need a retreat and a night away is what you’re craving, Walnut Creek has hotels, inns, and B&B’s offering warm hospitality and a place to regroup. Gather round the table at one of our restaurants or cafes for great food and fellowship. I guarantee you will leave our area in a better frame of mind, ready to take on the last battles between winter and spring.

During my childhood, Walnut Creek was a sleepy little town. Now, it’s a bustling village. We love to share everything we have become. You’ll find an extensive list of restaurants, inns, shops, and experiences at What was once a crossroads with a doctor’s office, gas station, church, and grocery store, now has an amazing array of shops and industries, large and small; but it’s still my hometown and still just a village.

I’ve lived in Walnut Creek since I was born. For years I failed to appreciate the blessing of life in this area. It was a friend from Chicago who made me realize how fortunate I am to live in a place enjoyed each year by millions of visitors. It’s a little town, but it is full of adventures. Come visit and be sure to go on your own Adventure Ride.

About the author: Vicki VanNatta is employed by Dutchman Hospitality Group. For more information about Walnut Creek, visit the website or e-mail Vicki directly at

Photos courtesy of Beth Miller, Amy Yoder and Dutchman Hospitality Group.

Village of Walnut Creek

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