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ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

This year, we can all use a little more time spent outside, staying active and, most importantly, having fun. Finding new and exciting ways to adventure together (safely) with family or friends has never been more essential, or more challenging to coordinate.

Luckily, ZipZone Outdoor Adventures, located right in the heart of Columbus, almost seems as though it was made for these strange times we’re all living through. You’ll find an oasis of outdoor fun with three distinct adventure attractions to choose from, surprisingly tucked just off of busy State Route 23 at Camp Mary Orton.

One thing we really love about ZipZone is that it is often an unexpected surprise for first time visitors. We’re right in Columbus, just 15 minutes north of downtown, but we offer a true nature escape. You can’t beat the convenience or, we think, the experience. It really is rare and special.

Locally owned and operated by my husband, Jerrod, and me, the ZipZone concept came from a desire to bring ziplining to Columbus, as both of us share an over 20-year career in the aerial adventure industry. This year, especially, we’re thankful to have brought this kind of outdoor adventure to our city for our friends and our neighbors to enjoy along with us.

ZipZone’s zip line tours were the first attraction to open, in 2012. Choose this adventure if you want to enjoy a unique experience, and if you’re ready for a thrill. Zip line tours are a fully guided experience that showcases over 20 acres of the natural beauty of Columbus. Soaring through the treetops from platform to platform, you’ll fly across zip lines and cross suspension-style sky bridges. Your guides will take care of all safety aspects of the tour, from clipping into the zip lines to operating the braking system, leaving you to simply enjoy and have fun.

Zip line tours are popular with both first time zipliners and experienced adventurers alike. There’s nothing quite like seeing the forest from a bird’s eye view; beautiful any time of year, but perhaps no more alive feeling than during the springtime. With summer comes lush, dense greenery, and fall is just beautiful out here. Each season has its own perks. You really can’t go wrong.

In the years since opening, our desire to create a truly top-of-the-line adventure destination has continued to evolve. In 2017, the Adventure Park and Kids Park were added to ZipZone’s attraction offerings.

With five courses and over 60 different challenge elements, ZipZone’s Adventure Park is the largest forest climbing park in Central Ohio. This “choose your own adventure,” self-guided experience begins at the main treehouse platform where five different courses branch off and up into the treetops. Zip lines, which are of course a highlight, are incorporated on courses within the Adventure Park. Similar to ski slopes, each course is color coded to indicate the level of difficulty. Best of all, you can move at your own pace and within your own comfort zone during your two-hour climbing session.

When we say there is a course for everyone, we really mean it. Two child-friendly courses, the Kids Park, provide a one to two-hour experience made especially for kids ages 4 to 7 years. This park is a few feet off the ground and is the perfect introduction for the youngest adventurers. Little kids get to wear a harness just like big kids and adults, and receive instruction from trained staff prior to entering the course. A sense of accomplishment and a whole lot of joy are inherent to the Kids Park experience.

When it comes to having fun together, we’re all accustomed to the normal challenge of finding something everyone can agree on. It’s never an easy task. But these days, we also have the added complexity of needing options that allow for adherence to recommended safety guidelines.

This is precisely what makes ZipZone such a great choice for you, your family and friends, both now and in the future.

Safety is, and will always be, top of mind at ZipZone. While it may be a while yet until things are back to normal, the trees at ZipZone are ready to welcome you with open arms (er… branches), providing endless adventure, countless memories, lots of fresh air, and plenty of space for social distancing.

For more information about ZipZone Outdoor Adventures, and to book your Zip Line, Adventure Park, or Kids Park tickets, visit or call 614-847-9477.

ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

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