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The Spellacy Covered Bridge in the Holmes County Mohican River Valley

Spellacy Covered Bridge

The Mohican Scenic Byway

Traveling on Wally Road in Holmes County, also known as the Mohican Scenic Byway, you will cross the Mohican River by way of a new covered bridge. The Spellacy Covered Bridge was opened on September 1, 2023, and was named after Matthew Spellacy, an Irish immigrant involved in railroad construction in the area.

The idea of replacing an aging steel and concrete bridge with a covered bridge was unique. While area businesses and recreation facilities endured lengthy detours and inconvenience both on the road and on the river during construction, the end result was well worth it. Now, they look forward to receiving numerous visitors to the area to see this beautiful new bridge. 

A Life Span of 125 Years

The bridge offers numerous opportunities for unique photos both inside and outside.  

Covered bridges normally have a life span of 125 years, so this new structure will remain for generations to see and appreciate in the future. 

Accommodations for Large Vehicles

The bridge will have no problems with big campers and trucks which travel Wally Road as it was designed to accommodate large vehicles. Tourists to the area will use the bridge to access campgrounds, cabin rentals, canoe liveries and other attractions in the area, while some visitors and bridge enthusiasts will surely come to specifically see the new bridge.  

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