Winter Backpacking

By Trent Dibell The steam rolls out of your mouth and evaporates before your eyes and you look beyond the ridge from the trail. You are captivated by the wonders of creation and how we get to [...]

Glacier National Park

By Josh Gonzalez Out of the many great hiking locations I have been to, my most recent adventure led me to the beautiful Glacier National Park. If you ever find yourself in this great national [...]

Climbing in the Cold

By Ashley Reynolds One of the greatest feelings in my world is to be out at the crag for an entire day of climbing. The nerves of that first climb, the uncertainty of a new place, and the pure [...]

I Lost 90 Pounds

I Lost 90 Pounds and You Can Too By Brittany Ostrander My apologies if this sounds like a gimmicky sales pitch, but I lost 90 pounds and you can too. A year ago, I never could have anticipated [...]

Oglebay Wedding’s

A Destination Fairytale By Lindsey McGlaughlin Nestled in the rolling hills of Wheeling, West Virginia, the historic Oglebay Park—featuring a restored mid 1800’s mansion—offers once-in-a-lifetime [...]

Too Cold to Run

Too Cold to Run? Try Cross-Training By Breanne Bakan As winter drags on, it can be hard to get out the door to get your mileage in. Trudging through the snow and the slush can leave you with numb [...]

Films in 2020

Films in 2020 – A Year of Marketable Similarities and A Few Surprises By Tracey L. Peyton, MA On one hand I don’t expect films in 2020 to look much different than 2019. You will have your [...]

21 Days is a Myth

By Philip Palmer, BA, CPT, GEI Ask someone how long it takes to establish a new habit and 21 days is frequently mentioned. This number is confidently spoken, not questioned, and believed to be [...]

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