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The Most Important Outdoor Skills

If you have read any of my previous articles, you’ll know that I really enjoy leaving civilization behind and recharging my internal batteries with an energy that has nothing to do with electricity. Almost everyone I talk to loves the idea of following my lead and heading out under their own power to wander and […]

Paddling the Everglades

The days may be getting longer and the air is warming up but most of the water in Ohio is still cold, slushy, or just plain hard. Still, with spring coming on and my canoe stranded in the backyard, I start thinking more and more about heading south to the sunshine state and paddling in […]

Oil Creek State Park

There are few experiences more unique than waking up to a blanket of fresh snow in a wilderness setting. This being Ohio, we may not have a lot of vast wilderness, near us, but we are surrounded by a large number of small pockets of wilderness. These small pockets allow us to get our “wilderness” […]

Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Person

By Christopher J. Shaffer Holiday gift buying is tough enough, but if you’ve ever tried choosing something for an outdoor person, it gets even harder. We are known to be picky and opinionated. So in the interest of making your holidays easier, the staff at your favorite outdoor retailer thought we’d tell you what we […]