Skiing Colorado

By Dan Mackey, MS Well, the season’s upon us yet again. The leaves, once rich, vibrant with fiery colors, have all fallen from their branches. The icy frost draped across our lawns has returned every morning to greet us one again. Yes, winter is coming… and it’s going to be a cold one. But don’t […]

Rock Climbing at Red River Gorge

By Dan Mackey, MS The Daniel Boone National Forest is the only national forest located completely within the boundaries of Kentucky. Established in 1937, it was originally named the Cumberland National Forest, after the core region called the Cumberland Purchase Unit. Containing over 706,000 acres in 21 counties of eastern Kentucky, the Daniel Boone National […]

Paddling in the Midwest

  By Dan Mackey, MS Everyone loves summer! School’s out, the weather is warm, the sun is shining, kids are playing, and the new life that the spring rains brought is abundant. If it’s a particularly wet season, then streams will be flowing, rivers will be abounding, lakes will be splashing, and summertime will be filled […]

Your Protected Lands

By Dan Mackey, MS To me, wilderness is the unknown. It is the most natural, pristine, organic, alive, and clandestine natural environment on Earth. Wilderness may be looked at as an undisturbed natural area that humans do not have control over. Without human dominance and minimal influence, wilderness is able to maintain its natural systems […]

Winter Hiking How to Prepare

By Dan Mackey, MS A musician known for his love of the outdoors, John Denver sang about the cold winter with all of its snow trying to get him down. Denver wasn’t the only one who has experienced the uncertain doldrums of this season. Living in Northeast Ohio, we’ve all had this feeling, in one […]