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Tiger Muay Thai

Thailand was always a dream destination, albeit one that seemed perhaps too distant a location to be a dream that could easily come true. After all, there are amazing beaches far closer to home that I have yet to enjoy. But when my boyfriend expressed his desire to train traditional martial arts at a gym […]

Ironman Training

The Ironman Triathlon, perhaps the ultimate endurance test, is a three-part series of incredibly challenging athletic events completed back to back to back. Participants must endure a 2.4-mile swim and a 112-mile bike, followed immediately by a full marathon (26.2 miles). While elite athletes can complete an Ironman Triathlon in around 9 hours, the average […]

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

I thought my boyfriend was joking when he first suggested climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mt. Kilimanjaro: One of the seven summits of the world. We have accomplished many crazy physical feats together–Spartan races, marathons, and hikes across the world. But at 19,341 feet, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in not only Africa, but also the […]

1899 Golf

There are few activities more enjoyable than a round of golf with friends on a warm summer’s day beneath a clear blue sky. Unfortunately, in northeast Ohio these days can be few and far between, even during the summer months. At 1899 Golf, Jackson Township’s new indoor golf facility, every day is that perfect day […]

Holiday Light Competition

Few things inspire the Christmas spirit more than an evening out with family, driving through neighborhoods to admire holiday lights through the soft December flurry of snow. But for a select few, it is not just enough to see the lights. For some extreme enthusiasts, the monumental task of planning, designing, and creating the intricate […]

Fall Pumpkin Season

Bright red, orange, and yellow changing leaves, pumpkins growing on twisting vines, hayrides in the crisp, cool autumn air. Fall is a beautiful time to bundle up and explore the outdoors, especially within your very own community. And for those looking to get out and explore this pumpkin season, there is no better way to […]