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Workouts 4% of your Day?

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more social media posts talking about how a workout is only 4% of your day. That’s great! Yet it isn’t true. When you do the math, 1 hour is 4.16% of your day. So, a 1-hour workout is 4%, right? Not exactly, and here’s why. The recommended amount of […]

Sports Drinks: Benefits and Issues

It is summertime in Ohio along with most of the world. In North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world major sporting events from triathlons, marathons, the Tour de France, to professional baseball, soccer, to even the Olympics, many events will be played during these warmer months. At these major events, professional […]

Get Out and Work Out this Spring

Spring is in the air, yet in Ohio this might mean there are still some snow flurries along with beautiful chilly days. Even though it isn’t shorts and tank top weather, it doesn’t mean one has to shy away from doing things outside including workouts and other adventures. There are no perfect days and there […]

21 Days is a Myth

Ask someone how long it takes to establish a new habit and 21 days is frequently mentioned. This number is confidently spoken, not questioned, and believed to be true for everyone. After hearing it so often, I decided to investigate where this number came from to see if there is truth behind this infamous number […]

Antioxidants and Why You Need More of Them

As you walk through the grocery store and pass aisle upon aisle of food you might recall past conversations where those foods came up. Some of those conversations might have been educational or noteworthy, like when someone might comment, “Oh, you should eat that because it has….” Others might have been more of a warning […]

What is Lurking in your Candy?

It is that time of year when the leaves start changing colors, the temperatures drop, the days turn shorter, and virtually everywhere you look from the gym counter, to almost all reception desks, to multiple aisles in the grocery store, there is Halloween candy. Candy can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who used […]

The Fight Against a Pest

When I’m shopping and I put my groceries on the checkout belt it is usually comprised of fruits and vegetables along with grains. My grocery bill happens to be one of my largest expenses as I try to choose the healthiest options which tend to cost a bit more. I find choosing the healthiest foods […]