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Dover Ohio Activities

Kayaking near Dover Ohio

The sky is bright blue, the clouds fluffy white, and there is just enough breeze to have you thinking about your next adventure. It’s time to pack your walking shoes and head over to Dover, Ohio, for a self-guided, 2.5 mile walkabout tour with plenty of stops for learning, dining, shopping, and resting, too.

Your first stop of the day is at The Warther Museum and Gardens. Located just blocks from downtown Dover, the museum campus offers plenty of parking on their lower level; follow the winding stairs from the parking lot up to the main level where your assent will greet you with Swiss-style flower gardens, bountiful with blossoms. The Warther Museum is filled with fascinating carvings of the evolution of the steam engine each made of thousands of intricately carved pieces by Mooney Warther. See their website for more information.

Who doesn’t like a great toy? Your next destination of the day will take you to HomeTown Toys in downtown Dover. With sidewalks guiding you to this location, you will enjoy the short walk and sights along the way. HomeTown Toys is a unique store featuring specialty toys, and even some from your own childhood. Whether you are sharing the day with children or your inner child, HomeTown Toys is a fun stop sure to bring smiles to all who enter their shop. Find details at

Are you hungry and ready for a lunch break? Walk down the sidewalk a few more blocks to Bread Head Bistro. With fresh bread, burgers, bowls, and brews, the Bread Head Bistro offerings are certain to please even the most discriminating palate. Open 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, their menu features classic bistro fare with a fresh twist. You can review the menu at

Nothing is better after a great meal than time spent beside the water. The Dover Riverfront Park, located on the banks of the Tuscarawas River, is the next stop of the day. Featuring open space for playing, benches for reflection, and an artistically styled swing for reaching into the blue sky, this park is the perfect location to refresh and recharge. You will likely share the space with a few resident geese or a local with a kayak or fishing rod. This tranquil park will get you ready for the last stop of your walkabout tour.

Featured in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” the Toland-Herzig Famous Endings Museum is not to be missed. Located inside the Toland-Herzig Funeral Home, this fascinating museum is filled with nearly 2,000 artifacts documenting the lives and funerals of some of our nation’s most notable people. Owner John Herzig believes that each life carries a story to be shared; you will see items from Thomas Edison, Paul Newman, Rosa Parks, Princess Diana, and so many more. A tourist visiting this museum once said, “Famous Endings is truly a history lesson. The walls are filled with people from the past who have contributed in different ways to our country and even our world.” Check their website

Exiting Famous Endings, you will realize that you are just a few blocks from your car and that your day is complete. Your tour took you on an adventure and a 2.5 mile walk. What a healthy day for your mind and your body!

Dover Ohio Activities

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