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Putting green in your back yard


Traditionally, only the avid golfer would invest the time and money to install a putting green in their back yard. Now, thanks to the newest generation of premium artificial turf from ForeverLawn, those days are over! Putting greens can create a centerpiece for your family’s outdoor entertainment space that everyone can enjoy.

“Whether you are looking for a practice area to improve your game or a recreation spot for entertaining, putting greens are a great addition to any property,” says Matt Kovacic of ForeverLawn NEO (North East Ohio).

Designing and installing a golf green is now an affordable way to transform your backyard into a fun and entertaining area. “Artificial greens are rapidly increasing in popularity. In fact, when given the option, many homeowners are choosing to install a putting green and forego a swimming pool,” Kovacic stated. Putting greens provide hours of entertainment, require minimal maintenance, and may increase the overall value of your home.

IMG_5527Some people may think – OK, I get it for entertainment, but I am an avid golfer. I remember artificial greens that didn’t play too well. GolfGreens by ForeverLawn has changed all of that. New technology, new designs, and new installation techniques have created greens that are good enough for the finest courses and the most avid golfers.

According to golf statistics, well over 55% of all golf shots executed on a golf course are on or surrounding the putting green. If you, or your aspiring teenager, want to improve your golf game and lower your score, then you’ll need to engage in deliberate putting practice. The new generation greens offer an amazing replica of golf course greens and create opportunities for homeowners to greatly improve their game in their own back yard. Not only will a backyard GolfGreen stay clean and green all year long, but it will also stay mud free and bug free even after a rain shower. Fun and excitement is available 24/7.

Not into golf? Some use artificial turf to make a great corn hole pitch, or put in a bocce ball court for recreation. Even grandma would love to sit with her grandkids on a fun, clean, outdoor play space that doesn’t get muddy and doesn’t have bugs. Now, more than ever, the entire family can reap the rewards of a fun, recreational, outdoor play space regardless of whether they know the difference between a birdie and a double-breaker.

We had the opportunity to talk to a local golfer, Larry Lanham, who had a premium GolfGreen by ForeverLawn installed at his home at Lake Cable in Canton, Ohio. Larry is a Golf Week Magazine course rater and member of the Donald Ross Society. In addition, he participates in ten golf trips a year rating golf courses and attending architectural summits and golf-related retreats throughout the world.

Lanham belongs to three private golf clubs including Firestone Country Club, Brookside Country Club, and the Country Club of Naples, Florida. We asked Lanham a few questions about his putting green and experience and he was gracious enough to share his thoughts.

Compass Media: Why did you decide to put a putting green in your backyard?
Lanham: The primary reason for me personally is for practice, but as it turns out, the green gets use as entertainment for nearly all who visit. Whether it’s putting contests, games or just plain putting fun, the green is a source of unlimited entertainment for both players and spectators at private gatherings and parties.

Compass Media: We understand you’ve had two previous putting greens installed at your home. How does your ForeverLawn green compare to your previous two greens?
Lanham: There is no comparison! The ForeverLawn dense putting surface looks, feels and most importantly, putts close to a real golf green. The previous materials were much more porous creating extreme variable speed conditions across the green. There were fast spots and slow spots, and the ball didn’t roll true on the previous greens.


Compass Media: How do you like the ball “roll” and speed of your new ForeverLawn Golf Green?
Lanham: Amazingly close to a natural bent grass roll. We were able to adjust the speed to an 11.5 on the stimp meter and basically duplicate the speed of my favorite home course. I understand this may be tweaked faster or slower by the volume of fill in the turf.

Compass Media: How would you explain the look and design of your ForeverLawn GolfGreen?
Lanham: The challenging irregular shape and undulating area made for a natural, pleasing appearance. The progression of the green, first cut and rough adds to both the appearance and functionality of the golf green. Duplicating the surrounds of an actual green puts one in the same frame of mind as being on a real green. Knowing the mental aspect of golf, and putting in particular, is a huge part of the game. Making the practice environment as close to actual is invaluable.

Compass Media: Briefly tell us about the ForeverLawn NEO installation team, sales team, service and follow-up.
Lanham: 10 out of 10 on all scores. All were extremely attentive and professional. I was amazed at the level of concern and attention to detail on all facets of the installation. I was equally impressed with the follow-up and return “tune-up” that was made by ForeverLawn NEO’s co-owner a few weeks after installation as a double check and to groom the green before a party.

Compass Media: Would you purchase and/or recommend another ForeverLawn GolfGreen?
Lanham: Without hesitation. I have given recommendations and referrals on several occasions thus far and will continue to do so.

If you’re looking to spend more quality time with your friends and family, why not create, or add, a beautiful focal point to your entertainment space. A GolfGreen by ForeverLawn is affordable and will be a gift that keeps on giving. Pricing ranges from $15 -$20 per square foot (installed) depending on your design and location. Contact ForeverLawn NEO at 330.499.8873 for more information or a quote, or visit

Putting green in your back yard

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