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Valravn Cedar Point


By Doug Kish, MA

In Danish folklore, a “Valravn” is a supernatural raven sometimes described as a half-wolf, half-raven creature. In Sandusky, Ohio, however, a “Valravn” will be described as 3,415 feet of track, a lift hill of 223 feet, a drop length of 214 feet, an angle descent of 90 degrees and a maximum speed 75 mph dive coaster. The opening of Valravn will give Cedar Point Amusement Park ten world records: tallest dive coaster, fastest dive coaster, longest dive coaster, most inversions on a dive coaster, highest inversion on a dive coaster, longest drop on a dive coaster, most roller coasters taller than 200 feet at one amusement park, most rides at one amusement park, most steel roller coaster track at one amusement park and most roller coaster track at one amusement park.

Construction of the new coaster began immediately after the park’s closing in October, 2015 and finishing touches are now being completed in anticipation of opening day. Fiberglass and steel floorless coaches with soft vest-type restraints will take three tiered rows of passengers sitting 8-across on a ride lasting 3 minutes and 23 seconds. After a 20-story ascent to the top and a 4-second stop to enjoy a spectacular view of the park and surrounding Lake Erie area, the initial free-fall vertical 90-degree drop of 214 feet at a top speed of 75 mph will be followed by an inversion and fighter jet-like maneuvers before approaching another drop zone. No stop here, though, as the train plunges 125 feet down at a near 90-degree angle, completes more flips and rolls, and ultimately returns to the station. Valravn can accommodate 1,200 riders per hour and guests must be 52 inches or taller to ride. The new Valravn brings the total of world-class coasters at Cedar Point to 18 making the location a “must-do” amusement park for thrill-seekers around the world and solidifying Cedar Point’s title as The Roller Coaster Capital of the World®.

Some new additions to Cedar Point Amusement Park for 2016 will include the Sunrise Thrills Tour which will allow guests the opportunity to see what goes into ”waking up” the park’s roller coasters. The highlighted attraction is the new Valravn dive coaster, where guests can learn more about ride safety, technical operations, start-up procedures and the ride’s unique passenger vehicles. A highlight of the tour will be a climb to the top of Valravn’s 223-foot hill for a breathtaking, panoramic view of Cedar Point and some once-in-a-lifetime selfies. The new Ride Warriors Club is a members-only group that receives exclusive park access and benefits. Inaugural members will receive their own membership card, private ride time on some of the park’s most popular rides throughout the season, access to invitation-only events, unique photo and video opportunities not available to the public, private question and answer sessions with park management and more.

The popular Dodgem bumper car ride will debut all new cars, featuring a fiberglass finish, headlights, taillights and seating for two adults. Two of the park’s popular roller coasters, Raptor and Top Thrill Dragster, will have a fresh coat of paint in their original colors, the Raptor in its signature shades of green. A new restaurant in FrontierTown near the Maverick roller coaster, the Frontier Inn will serve fresh-breaded, crispy buttermilk chicken tenders, buffalo chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, chicken salads, fries, tator tots and more.

Hotel Breakers - Evening
Cedar Point’s signature 110-year-old Hotel Breakers is located on the shore of Lake Erie and steps away from the park. Newly renovated in 2015, this beachfront hotel has accommodations to fit every size family. The outdoor pool deck has a water-play area and pools, and there is also an indoor pool. A sandy beach is available for those wanting to experience the lake. Overnight guests at the Hotel Breakers are permitted to enter the park one hour earlier than the general public to ride some of the park’s most popular attractions.

Lighthouse Point is an RV campground which includes cottages and cabins, with new deluxe cabins for up to 10 guests. For guests arriving by boat, Cedar Point also has one of the largest marinas on the Great Lakes featuring a floating pier system, gas dock, marina store, restrooms and showers, picnic area, gated docks and a swimming pool. Both seasonal and transient spaces are available. Other local accommodations are the Breakers Express and Sandcastle Suites hotels.

While in the area, plan for a day at Soak City, Cedar Point’s outdoor water park located adjacent to the Lake Erie shore. Soak City has an assortment of water slides for all ages—open slides, tube slides and body slides. It has a wave pool, a lazy river, an action water river, a mat water racer and a 76-foot-fall inner tube ride. The Splash Zone is an interactive area for smaller guests.
Cabanas are available, as well as dining and shopping in the area. And every so often, the Magnum roller coaster passes through Soak City.

On the other end of the spectrum is Castaway Bay Resort. The tropical indoor water park boasts “It’s always 82 degrees.” It features a wave pool, water roller coaster, toddler pool, various open and enclosed water slides, and a combination indoor/outdoor hot tub. Castaway Bay has various rooms and suites available for your stay. A full-service marina has gated docks, a heated swimming pool with a sundeck, gas docks and restrooms with showers. All slips are equipped with full utilities.

Top Thrill Dragster 1
Now is the perfect time to purchase season passes for Cedar Point Amusement Park. Several options are available, some of which include parking deals, early entrance and late night rides, Soak City admission, and admission to other Cedar Fair parks. Before opening day on May 7, 2016 riders are invited to visit the Cedar Point website at for additional information or to take a virtual ride on Valravn or any of the 18 resident coasters. See you there!

Valravn Cedar Point

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