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6 Tips to Make Summer Travel Safe and Enjoyable with Your Dogs

Photo by Josh Rakower on Unsplash

Traveling with our fur babies requires extra attention and planning, but the hot dog days of summer (yes, I went there, LOL) add another layer of importance. While making a quick impromptu trip to Virginia Beach with our dogs, we ensured our pups were safe and enjoyed the journey as much as we did.

The temperature hit the mid 90’s F, and there was little cloud cover, so we needed to plan accordingly. Here are 6 tips to keep our babies safe in the heat.

  1. Keep water and a bowl handy for the pups to drink throughout the day. We occasionally added a small amount of electrolyte water to their bowl to ensure they stayed hydrated.
  2. The pavement is scalding and can quickly harm the dog’s paws. We put dog booties on our smaller dog and used a paw pad wax for our larger dog. Both worked well, and we had no issues.
  3. We purchased two lightweight, long scarves, saturated them in water and put them loosely around their necks and under their harnesses. We continued to keep them wet to help cool their skin.
  4. Whenever we saw a drinking fountain or water source, we wet the dogs more.
  5. Summer is no time to leave your pet in the car, requiring us to search for dog-friendly patio dining. Multiple websites can help with the search, but we used Yelp (type in dog friendly) and Bring Fido. Most restaurants provide dog bowls and treats for the pups.
  6. Find shade for the dogs to rest in and take breaks in the AC. After being out all morning, we spent the hottest hours of the day at the hotel relaxing in the air conditioning. Our dogs are part of our family and deserve to be treated as such. If you travel with your pets, remember their needs are just as important as yours.

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