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Fishing MWCD

Let’s go Fishing In 2018, 49.4 million Americans headed to oceans, rivers, lakes and streams in pursuit of fish according to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation. Part of the fishing obsession is the connection to nature, adventure, and camaraderie. What makes it exciting is not knowing what you will catch that day. A new […]

Celebrate Fall

By Adria Bergeron Atwood Area Fall Festival Each year on the first weekend in October, Atwood Lake Park located in Mineral City, Ohio is transformed for the annual Atwood Area Fall Festival. Large tents fill the campground housing local vendors showcasing their handmade crafts. The air is filled with a combination of campfires and homemade […]

Summer at MWCD

If you’ve been saving up vacation days from work for the perfect occasion, congratulations, summer is here and it’s time to use them! Whether you like to pack up the car and head out of town, or prefer to stay close to home, the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) can accommodate your schedule. Some families […]

Fall at MWCD

By Adria Bergeron One of the greatest things about living in Ohio is experiencing all four seasons. Not all areas of the country experience these changes and the beauty that comes with each one. As we begin to approach fall, thoughts of pumpkins, apple cider, cooler weather and trees that display the most beautiful shades […]

Summer at the Lakes

By Adria Bergeron Living in Ohio, we LIVE for summer and Ohio summers are truly the best. The warm, sunny days not only help rejuvenate you after the winter months have passed, but the long summer nights stay warm, long after the sun has set. There is no better time to make memories, sitting around […]

Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Spring

Spring is beautiful for so many reasons. The flowers are fragrant and there is beauty in their color, trees don new leaves, and animals awaken as the earth seems to come to life again. It is the season of new beginnings and a great time to create new habits for better health. Spending time in […]