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Ghoul Runnings

Opening in May of each year, Ghoul Runnings offers guided and self-guided tours including safety and training classes.

From Winter Blues to Snowshoes in Sandusky County

With the onset of winter, getting bundled up and spending time outdoors takes extra time, effort and motivation. Here in Sandusky County, our Northwest Ohio location combined with our proximity to Lake Erie gives plenty of reasons to get motivated to explore our county and take in an adventure or two! The crowded parks and […]

Hayes Home Holidays Spirits of Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the White House not a creature was stirring except President Rutherford B. Hayes who had just settled in for a long Winters diary entry?? It’s true, President Hayes kept a diary from age 12 through his death at age 70, and from it we learn how he and […]

Sandusky County Historic Jail & Dungeon

Sandusky County Historic Jail & Dungeon Whispers Tales of a Dark Past For most residents of Fremont, Ohio the Sandusky County Courthouse is nothing more than another ordinary county building, but there is dark history that has refused to be silenced. In the early 1840s, local officials often struggled to keep inmates contained in their […]

Scuba Diving White Star Quarry

What do a delivery truck, a stone crusher, multiple sunken boats and a motorcycle have in common? They can all be found and explored by recreational scuba divers at the bottom of White Star Quarry, located at White Star Park in Gibsonburg, Ohio. Before we “dive” into the experience (pun intended), let us first start with […]

Fishing on the Sandusky River

Each year, a natural phenomenon takes place in the Sandusky River that has attracted generations of anglers who seek to experience fishing the “Spring Run.”  It begins in early March with walleye and lasts well into April. The white bass are second to arrive to the river and they tend to run from early April […]