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SARTA Funding Canton Ohio

By Kristie Petty Do you wonder how SARTA funds the safe, quality and reliable transportation services we provide to Stark County Residents? SARTA receives funding from five sources; however, the funding is constantly changing year to year. The five funding sources are:1. Sales Tax Revenue2. Fares paid by riders3. Contracts with Social Service Agencies4. Funding […]

SARTA Canton Ohio

Technology… Moving Transit and Improving the Rider’s Experience By Kristie Petty Remember 20 years ago when cell phones were a luxury? Home desktop computer were rare? Computers did not have Windows on them? Fast forward to today and almost everyone has a cell phone or some type of computer. We use our cell phones every […]

SARTA Where Can We Take You

By Kristie Petty Do you wonder… “Where does SARTA go?” SARTA’s goes to grocery stores, shopping centers, medical facilities, restaurants, schools, the airport, libraries, museums, places of employment and much more. Riders can travel on any of our 32 Fixed Routes in Alliance, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Hartville, Jackson Township, Louisville, Massillon, North Canton and Uniontown. […]

Stark County Ohio Public Transit

Stark County Ohio Public Transit Dates Back to 1884 By Kristie Petty Public Transportation began in the City of Canton with Canton Street Railway Company in 1884. They had five routes that transported riders by horse drawn cars on a four foot gauge track. Then in 1888, the Alliance Street Railway was formed to service […]