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Feel Like a Kid Again

Are you looking to get into the bicycle world? If you are, keep reading. If you are not, keep reading because this may change your mind. Getting on a bicycle and cruising down the trail does not only make you feel like a kid again, it brings to mind an endless world of possibilities for bike riding. You […]

Winter Backpacking

The steam rolls out of your mouth and evaporates before your eyes and you look beyond the ridge from the trail. You are captivated by the wonders of creation and how we get to enjoy the wilderness that surrounds us. Winter backpacking…are you up for the adventure? Time, we do not have much of it to […]


Camp CHOF has been in existence since 1969. In the late 60’s, Canton Baptist Temple and the senior pastor at the time, Pastor Harold Henniger, had a vision to have their very own camp where youth could grow spiritually during the summer months. By the grace of God and by His people loving Camp CHOF, […]