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The History of the Kettlebell

By Tyler Murphy, BEd, CPT Sports history is a huge industry in today’s society. Who was the first baseball player to hit a homerun at Wrigley? How many times did Wayne Gretzky make the All-Star game? These questions fuel a large group of people to search for the answer. But when it comes to the […]

Winter in the Weight Room

By Tyler Murphy, Bed, CPT As a young athlete, receiving a scholarship to an NCAA school is the highlight of a career. Getting to step on the field, under the lights is a feeling unlike any other. As a former college athlete, I still get chills down my back thinking of those memories. But the […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas Workout

By Tyler Murphy When it comes to the holidays, carving out time for a workout isn’t always in the cards. Driving to the gym, working out, and driving back may just be too much when you need to be home babysitting Uncle Jerry after his 5th eggnog. So for those who need a quick, at […]

Benefits of Squats

I’m sure that you’ve seen people at the gym or on the internet putting hundreds of pounds of weight on a barbell, stepping underneath it, and lifting it over and over again. What in the world are they accomplishing with this exercise? So much more than you think. Known as the King of Exercises, the […]

Spring Running Injuries

It’s here! The end of winter has finally come to Northeast Ohio. If you are anything like me, the cabin fever was the real deal this year but nothing makes it disappear quicker than some good, old-fashioned outdoor activities. Running, hiking, playing different sports, or simply just running around in the backyard will make even […]