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The Twelve Days of Christmas Workout

By Tyler Murphy

When it comes to the holidays, carving out time for a workout isn’t always in the cards. Driving to the gym, working out, and driving back may just be too much when you need to be home babysitting Uncle Jerry after his 5th eggnog. So for those who need a quick, at home workout that isn’t too time consuming, but can give you some much needed time to yourself, here’s a festive Christmas workout.

On the first day of Christmas, 1 burpee;

on the second day of Christmas, 2 push-ups;

on the third day of Christmas, 3 sit-ups;

on the fourth day of Christmas, 4 tuck jumps;

on the fifth day of Christmas, 5 mountain climbers;

on the sixth day of Christmas, 6 lateral lunges;

on the seventh day of Christmas, 7 Russian twists;

on the eighth day of Christmas, 8 hip bridges;

on the ninth day of Christmas, 9 squats;

on the tenth day of Chritmas, 10 alternating leg lifts;

on the eleventh day of Christmas, 11 jumping jacks;

on the twelfth day of Christmas, 12 Supermans.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Workout

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