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Splash Lagoon: A Birthday Adventure We’ll Never Forget

Splash Lagoon

For our grandsons’ birthdays this year, we decided to ditch the traditional toys and opt for an experience they’d never forget. We chose Splash Lagoon, a decision we’ll cherish forever. The excitement in their eyes as they saw the water tubes weaving in and out of the building was priceless.

As we entered Splash Lagoon (in Erie, PA), the first thing that struck us was the sheer size and variety of attractions. Our grandsons, aged 9 and 7, were buzzing with excitement. “This is the best. I never want to leave,” exclaimed our nine-year-old. It was a moment that warmed our hearts.

The Wave Pool: A Tropical Escape

The wave pool at Splash Lagoon is the largest indoor wave pool in the Eastern United States. It instantly transported us to a tropical paradise, with 200,000 gallons of water and waves reaching up to 6 feet tall. We spent a lot of time there, enjoying the feel of the ocean right in the middle of Pennsylvania. The boys loved jumping and crashing into the waves, their laughter filling the air, making it a fun filled experience for all of us.

The Water Tubes: An Exhilarating Ride

And then, there were the water tubes. I took each boy on a double tube and we whirled down the tunnel. It was a thrilling experience, not just for them but also for me, a memory we’ll cherish forever.

The Lazy River and Lava Pool: Relaxing and Adventurous

Papa and I ventured around the lazy river with our oldest, who made sure we took the route with a waterfall to get nice and wet. We also warmed up and relaxed in the Lava Pool, a perfect spot to take a break from the excitement.

Our Stay at the Holiday Inn

We stayed at the adjoining Holiday Inn, where we originally booked the kids’ room with bunk beds. However, they didn’t have the kids’ room available for two nights, so upon checking in, the staff was fabulous and moved us to a suite at no extra charge. With two boys, the additional space was perfect, and they enjoyed eating by the fireplace in our room.

The Arcade: A Never-Ending Hit

The Treasure Island Family Arcade area at Splash Lagoon was a huge hit with the boys. It offered the perfect way to end our days there, filled with various games and endless fun. One of the standout experiences was the XD Dark Ride Gaming Theater, a fully interactive and immersive theater experience. We sat back, buckled up, and took on zombies as if we were in the middle of a video game. The realistic motion and effects made every moment thrilling, transforming our arcade visit into an unforgettable adventure.

Adding to the excitement, we transported ourselves to a “New World” with the Hologate Virtual Reality platform. Here, we battled more zombies and transformed into Ghostbusters, taking on ghosts in a virtual New York City. This immersive experience was like stepping into another dimension, where we became the heroes of our own epic story.

A Birthday to Remember at Splash Lagoon

Our trip to Splash Lagoon reminded us that experiences often hold more value than material gifts. The memories we created that day are irreplaceable. If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a special occasion, Splash Lagoon is worth considering.

Discover More at Splash Lagoon

Be sure to visit their website to explore all the exciting activities.  Start your adventure with a ride on the Python Plunge! Grab a raft, and whether you go solo or team up on a tandem tube, you’re in for a splashy, thrilling encounter with the mighty Python. Take advantage of the newly renovated Monkey Shines Island for the little ones. This kid-friendly zone features pint-sized slides and mini-tipping buckets in a shallow pool brimming with fun activities to entertain the children.

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