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Fine Wine and Craft Beer: A Winter Tour Through Ohio’s Amish Country Wineries  

Amidst the serene snow-clad expanse of Ohio’s Amish Country, a cluster of wineries and breweries invites visitors to experience a blend of rich history, artisan craftsmanship, and winter charm. From award-winning wines to handcrafted brews, each product bears the legacy of the passionate families behind them. Embark on an expedition through this land where time-honored traditions fuse seamlessly with innovation, and every frosty sip tells a story of dedication.

Guggisberg’s Doughty Glen Winery: Winter Dreams Blossom

In 2013, Eric and Julia Guggisberg turned their dream into reality by launching this new business, quickly gaining recognition as an award-winning establishment. Beyond its exceptional wines, the winery offers a unique setting, lodging, and on-site horseback riding. It is a versatile destination for romantic getaways, group gatherings, weddings, retreats, and relaxation seekers. Regardless of the season, the winery’s captivating ambiance, including a cozy fireplace, provides a picturesque backdrop for enjoying their exquisite wines.

Breitenbach Winery is one of many Amish Country wineries you'll discover.

Breitenbach Wine Cellars: Snowy Retreat Amongst the Vines

Breitenbach Winery stands tall in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. The winery’s evolution is evident from a humble tasting room to a winter destination. Founded by Duke Bixler in 1980, it offers over 40 varieties of meticulously crafted wines, producing more than 150,000 gallons annually. And if it isn’t chilly enough for you, try a bottle of their Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, often described as nectar from the gods. 

Ravens Glenn Winery & Restaurant: A Testament to Quality

In the heart of West Lafayette, Ohio, Ravens Glenn proudly stands as the crown jewel of wineries in the region. Their exceptional, award-winning wines are crafted on-premises. Enjoy a glass at the bar or dinner with friends as you enjoy the waning moments of a winter’s day. 

Silver Moon Winery: A Beacon of Ohio Wines: 

Ken and Judy Eschbacher’s passion is captured in each bottle, providing warmth during the coldest days. Established in 2004, Silver Moon Winery has over 40 styles of wines ranging from sweet to bold and extends to over 300 stores across Ohio.  

Swiss Heritage Winery: Perfectly Paired. 

There is no better pairing than cheese and wine, so it was a natural progression for Broad Run Cheesehouse to expand into the wine business. After seven decades of operating a cheesehouse, Hans and Nancy Schindler opened Swiss Heritage Winery in 2002 as part of Broad Run Corner—at the gateway to Amish Country. Today, second and third-generation winemakers, Chad and Carson Schindler, oversee the wine production, producing 20-plus wines, ranging from red, white, and blush to sweet fruit. 

Ugly Bunny Winery: A Hare Above the Rest

Amidst the winter landscape, this winery is a local gem. Its firm commitment to sourcing local ingredients is evident in the expert craftsmanship of its wines and beer, all made on the premises. Offering live, local music and active community involvement make this winery a cherished part of the community. Enjoy a leisurely day sipping wine and watching the snowfall across the vineyard at the Ugly Bunny. And don’t be surprised if their fur baby visits you. 

Baltic Mill Winery: History Meets Modernity

Dan and Judy Garver’s dream took shape in the historic bricks of Baltic Mill. After a decade of honing his winemaking skills, they established the Baltic Mill Winery. Nestled in the mill’s exposed brick walls and historic machinery, a rustic charm beckons visitors in from the cold to savor their exquisitely crafted sweet and dry wines. 

Millersburg Brewing: Where Froth and Frost Align

The Millersburg Brewing Company, established in 2012, focuses on creating classic brews for today’s taste while supporting local and Ohio craft beer. The Tap Room boasts 20 brews, live music, karaoke, and a welcoming ambiance. The Millersburg Brewing Company is just the place to spend a long winter evening among friends.

In winter, Ohio’s Amish Country offers more than scenic beauty. It’s a land where every snowflake carries a story, every glass is a testament to tradition, and every winery and brewery bears the heart of the community. Dive deep into this winter wonderland, and let the stories behind each label warm your heart. Cheers to frosty vineyards, roaring fires, and the timeless tales of Amish Country winemaking and brewing!

For more winter escapades and hidden treasures, the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce awaits your visit, showcasing the true essence of Amish Country.

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