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Happy 60th Birthday COSI

A young boy is looking at his boarding pass for the Titanic in front of a model of the ship at COSI Science Museum

Milestone birthdays are profoundly significant as they allow us to investigate the past and learn more about ourselves and what makes us unique. Sixty years is a journey, and it all started on March 29, 1964, when the Center of Science and Industry, or COSI (pronounced CO-Sigh), opened its doors to an overwhelmingly large crowd, excited to see what Columbus, Ohio’s newest cultural institution, had in store.

COSI voted #1 Science Museum

For 60 years, COSI has inspired interest in science, technology, engineering, math, and art (STEAM) topics
while delivering a fun, experiential, “hands-on” brand of learning. Sixty years also comes with a lot of recent accolades for the science museum in 2023, including being voted the “#1 Science Museum in the Country,” according to USA Today’s 10 Best and a winner and recipient of the National Medal for Museum and Library Services – the highest honor given by The White House each year.

COSI has also been awarded multiple Emmy® Awards for “Dr. B in 3,” an animated video series in which “Dr. B,” COSI’s President and CEO, Dr. Frederic Bertley, leads viewers through challenging scientific topics with clarity and wit.

COSE Celebrates 60 with the Titanic

A big birthday comes with an extensive exhibition hosted in 2024. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is open now at COSI and runs through Labor Day. Guests visiting will receive a replica boarding pass and experience the wonder and tragedy of the world’s most famous ocean liner, Titanic.

A rendering of the inside staircase of the Titanic

More than 350 artifacts recovered from the ship’s wreck site will be on display, as well as full-scale room recreations, including the iconic Grand Staircase. The personal artifacts recovered and on display offer an emotional connection to the forever-altered lives of those on board.

Events throughout the year to celebrate

An event lineup fit for a milestone birthday is in progress as well! After their big birthday celebration on March 29, the COSI team gears up for the largest STEAM event in the Midwest, The COSI Science Festival. With three days of community science events May 1 – 3, ranging from the science of glassblowing to documenting accurate scientific data throughout the community for researchers, the Big Science Celebration caps the event off on Saturday, May 4, at COSI with over 100 exhibitors, live music and performances, and of course, HUGE, larger-than-life science demonstrations during the day.

Throughout the year, COSI hosts events exclusively for those 21 and older called COSI After Dark. These event days are always themed to pop culture and big events. For example, the “Empire Strikes Bash” will delight visitors in May, highlighting a fun night around a large cultural franchise. COSI will host a “Prom” in June after a wildly successful COSI Afte Dark event in 2023.

COSI is also featuring The Science of Big Machines in June. More than just a touch-a-truck event, this

In August, Farm Days is an experience where guests can learn about farming, animals, and agriculture. Experts are on hand, along with real animals and farming equipment, to enhance the learning element of the event. A fan-favorite of Farm Days is the baby chick incubation area. Eggs hatch before visitors’ eyes as they witness the miraculous birth process for these baby birds.

In September, Blast, COSI’s signature fundraiser, allows COSI’s most prominent supporters to dance the night. As well as enjoying culinary delights, live music, and science demonstrations.

Visit COSI and Explore the World

Unique, classic COSI exhibits are available to guests in all seasons. Some of the most popular are Ocean,
which has multiple water features, a large, beautiful statue of the ocean god, Poseidon, an interactive, digital fish tank, games to research deep-dive submersibles, live animals, and more.

Other notable exhibitions include Gadgets. It features hands-on activities and experiments with simple machines of all shapes and sizes and progress, featuring the same town in 1898 and 1964 with recognizable updates to their progress.


The American Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Gallery has real fossils showing guests how modern-day birds are descended from dinosaurs.

A birthday celebration of this magnitude doesn’t happen often, and COSI is celebrating all year! For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

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