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Exploring Amish Heritage in Holmes County, Ohio

A young boy holding a black and white goat at an Amish Farm

Ohio’s Holmes County, renowned for its rich Amish heritage, welcomes you to discover its scenic landscapes and traditional ways of living. Brimming with cultural and natural beauty, this area is a testament to a lifestyle that values simplicity, community, and hard work. The Amish community here is known for their horse-drawn buggies, handmade quilts, and home-cooked meals, offering a glimpse into a way of life that has remained unchanged over the centuries.

Discovering Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery

Experiencing the warmth and charm of Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery is essential for a complete visit to Holmes County. This bustling destination stands out with its diverse offerings: a bakery renowned for delectable baked goods, a farm store brimming with unique items, and a petting zoo that delights visitors of all ages. The bakery serves a wide array of bread, pies, cookies, and muffins, including the much-loved Hershberger’s Fry Pies. The shelves at the bakery also display an assortment of fresh produce, local cheeses, and various spices, showcasing the region’s abundant agricultural heritage.

Yoder’s Amish Home: A Cultural Experience

Yoder’s Amish Home presents another aspect of Holmes County’s diverse offerings. The focal point of this attraction is a historic barn constructed in 1885, showcasing the architectural ingenuity of the Amish. Visitors in spring can see newborn farm animals. Guided tours of the barn provide educational insights into the Amish community’s history and lifestyle, including their unique construction techniques, farming practices, and cultural traditions.

Introducing the Greenhouse Trail Program

Be on the lookout for the new Greenhouse Trail program coming this spring. This unique trail features a selection of the area’s most popular greenhouses, making it an ideal route for finding a diverse range of indoor and outdoor plants and outdoor and garden décor. To receive the list when complete, email

Celebrating Spring at the Dandelion Festival

Celebrate the arrival of spring at the Dandelion Festival, taking place at Breitenbach Vineyards, 5773 Old Rt. 39 NW Dover. This lively event kicks off on Friday, May 3, from Noon to 7 pm and continues on Saturday, May 4, from 9 am to 7 pm. Set in the beautiful surroundings of Breitenbach Vineyards, the festival is a delightful blend of nature, culture, and community spirit. Enjoy wine sampling, including the unique Dandelion Sangria, and engage in cellar tours, arts and crafts, and live entertainment.

Family Fun and Activities at the Dandelion Festival

On Saturday, kids will have a blast joining the dandelion scavenger hunts. And for the food enthusiasts, take advantage of the cooking demonstrations and tastings in the Tool Shed from 1 to 5 pm. For those who love a good run, the Dandelion 5K and 10K runs also occur on Saturday. Gear up for a great run!

Hummingbird Hill Flower Farm: A Floral Retreat

For flower lovers, Hummingbird Hill Flower Farm is a perfect destination. Established to spread hope and joy, the farm offers a range of delightful activities. Meander through fields abundant with flowers. Handpick your preferred herbs and blooms to take home or even plan a memorable event in this charming locale.

Interactive Workshops at Hummingbird Hill Flower Farm

More than just its array of flowers, the farm provides an immersive experience. Engage in interactive workshops. Or you can bring a photographer to capture unique moments against the farm’s natural landscapes and beautiful floral panoramas. (There is a fee for professional photo shoots).

Bicolor pink sunflowers stand erect facing the sun.

Reflecting on the Simplicity and Tradition of Holmes County

Holmes County offers a journey through scenic landscapes and a deep appreciation for a lifestyle of simplicity and tradition. From the inviting atmosphere of Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery to the historical insights of Yoder’s Amish Home, the lively Dandelion Festival, and the tranquil Hummingbird Hill Flower Farm, each site provides a distinct perspective on this captivating region.

Your Guide to Holmes County’s Attractions

To discover all the exciting activities and events in Holmes County, check out Visit Amish Country for details, and updates.

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