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Holiday Wonders of Clermont County: Festive Delights and Luminous Nights

Holiday lights illuminate the trees in Clermont County

As winter whispers its first chill, Clermont County, Ohio, transforms into a festive haven, becoming the epicenter of holiday celebrations. Imagine a place where nature’s serenity meets the sparkle of a thousand lights, where the joyous melodies of the season fill the air, and every corner offers a new adventure waiting to unfold. 

From captivating pathways to icy delights, various experiences beckon locals and visitors. Step into this winter wonderland and embrace the magical charm. 

And what better way to truly immerse yourself in the season’s spirit than by marking your calendar for November 1? That is when the Cincinnati Nature Center in Milford, Ohio, unveils its unique event, “Light in the Forest.” 

This winter walking tour showcases a mesmerizing display of seasonal lights designed to evoke feelings of peace, nature, and contemplation. Wander along the 1-mile illuminated trail that guides visitors past captivating ponds, open fields, and tranquil woodland settings. 

A projection of colorful birds in Clermont County

This unique showcase features artistic light installations by regional artists from the creative agency OBLSK, renowned for their contribution to BLINK art. The experience is enriched with live music, warming bonfires, festive shopping opportunities, engaging children’s activities, and a walk-through of the historic Krippendorf Lodge. For more ticket information and times, visit

Located in Eastgate, the RJ Cinema Distillery Taproom is more than just a cinema and taproom. During the holiday season the venue transforms with a combination of movies and drinks that offer a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Visitors and locals can indulge in seasonal movies, craft beers, and specially distilled spirits that capture the essence of the holidays. Warm up with hot cocoa or try one of the winter-themed cocktails. More details are available on their website at

For holiday specials (and year-round deals), download the Discover Clermont Savings Pass to your phone. This digital pass offers exclusive deals and discounts on local establishments and attractions. Whether dining at restaurants, catching a show at RJ Cinema, staying at hotels, or shopping, this app promises significant savings during your holiday adventures.  

Coney Island’s Nights of Lights is an iconic event. Spanning an impressive 2.5 miles, this drive-through extravaganza dazzles with brilliant twinkling displays that weave tales of Christmas, enchanting winter landscapes, and jubilant celebrations. Families will be captivated by the region’s grandest synchronized holiday light spectacle. Immerse yourself in a radiant sea of over two million lights, dancing in harmony with classic and upbeat holiday tunes. From towering Christmas trees and shimmering snowflakes to twirling candy canes, luminous tunnels, and more, it promises a spectacular experience for visitors, young and old. 

A display of Christmas decorations at Amelia Florist in Clermont County

For the optimal experience, turn off your headlights, set your radio to 97.5, and let the magic unfold. Nights of Lights welcomes visitors rain or shine starting November 10. And while you are in line, ready to dive into the luminous world, consider downloading the activity pack in advance. This pack boasts a fun-filled scavenger hunt, writing a letter to Santa, coloring sheets, and a festive crossword. This activity pack, times, dates, and ticket information is available at (under the events tab).  

Whether it is the whispers of history from the Krippendorf Lodge, the melodies of live music echoing through the forests, or the thrill of skating amidst snowflakes and cinematic delight, Clermont County weaves together traditions and innovations for an unforgettable festive experience. 

For more information about Clermont County and all their events, visit

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