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Jack Pine Studio Holiday Gift Ideas

Jack Pine Studio Known for Glass Blown Art Around the Country

Artist, Jack Pine, is a renowned glass blower known for his glass pumpkins and other exquisite pieces of finely crafted art over the past three decades.

With the holidays around the corner, this glass art makes for a perfect one-of-kind holiday gift for your loved one.

Pine is inherently drawn to nature and has always been inspired by organic form. His work is motivated by his surroundings to influence the use of highly saturated colors and precious metals incorporated with molten glass.

He was also inspired by both of his parents as they were artists themselves. His mother was a skilled painter and sculptor, and his father pursued his own inventions.

“I grew up on a small Southern Ohio farm just outside Circleville. Living here had a profound influence on my artwork. I absolutely love all the beautiful colors, textures, and shapes found in nature around me,” stated Jack Pine, Owner/Artist of Jack Pine Studios.

“Circleville has the largest pumpkin festival in the country, so it was almost destiny for me as a glass artist to make glass pumpkins. I’ve been striving to make the best glass pumpkins for over 30 years.”

Pine received a scholarship to study Glass at Columbus College of Art & Design allowing him the opportunity to follow his passion for art.

After finishing college, he headed West and worked in the famous glass houses of Seattle, Washington.

He then moved to the stunning mountains of Colorado and opened his own glass studio. Here is where the famous blown glass pumpkin was created.

He also began traveling around the country, doing shows. Art enthusiasts can find his work in stores like museum gift shops across the country.

After 15 years, he returned to his hometown and built a new glass studio in the beautiful heart of Hockings Hills, Ohio. Jack Pine Studio opened in December 2017 and is about a mile from the Rock House, one of Ohio’s famous destinations. The studio also features artwork from talented artists from across the country.

You could stumble across metal wall art and table art, glass blown pieces using different techniques leaving each piece to stand on its own merit and art pieces that bring both nature and humanity together as one.

The studio offers a variety of stylistic art pieces allowing visitors to purchase a beautiful addition to their homes.

When you step into Jack Pine Studio, you are mesmerized by the array of art full of colors, shapes, and sizes. Glass Hummingbird feeders, hearts, pumpkins, ornaments, and vases are just a few of the items one will find in the glass gallery. Each piece is unique in style.

During studio hours, you can watch the magic as glassblowers work to transform molten glass into delicate new pieces of art. Artists are available to answer any questions you may have about the process.

Gather your family and friends and schedule a Glass Blowing Workshop at the studio to create your own unique piece of artwork. In each workshop, you will select bits of colored glass and then partner with a glass artist to create a work of art. You will dip a blowpipe with hot glass into your color and shape the glass with advanced tools.

Depending on your class you will blow out a pumpkin or create a colorful paperweight. Your piece of art will be ready for pick-up within two days, or you may have it shipped.

Each workshop lasts around 90 minutes and can accommodate up to six people. Private Sessions are also available.

Glass Blowing Process:

The process involves creating layers of glass using raw materials with synthesized metals and shapes the glass while molten using critical glass-blowing tools. Pine utilizes the famous “Tiffany style” techniques, which create a mother of pearl, iridized, and lustrous appearance with silver and gold permeated throughout the work.

While in a molten state, the glass flows in a liquid form requiring Pine undivided attention and focus. When cooled, the glass becomes an immovable yet fragile material that is admired all over the world.

“I use intense and primitive methods to create one-of-a-kind glass pieces that are mesmerizing to see during the dance of glass blowing,” stated Pine. After the piece has cooled, it displays craftsmanship and captures light with iridescence and demanding beauty.”

For more information on classes, artists, ordering, and studio times, visit Be sure to follow the studio on Facebook for up-to-date happenings at

Jack Pine Studio Holiday Gift Ideas

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