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Discover Knox County’s Cycling Paradise: A Journey Through Communities and Nature

knox County Cycling path as bike riders pedal past an old steam engine train.

Experience the excitement of cycling in Knox County, known as a Cycling Paradise. Here, a 35-mile expanse of paved trails awaits you. These trails offer more than just a path for cycling. They provide a vibrant journey that connects quaint villages with the lively downtown of Mount Vernon. The network includes the Kokosing Gap Trail, Heart of Ohio Trail, and Mohican Valley Trail. These trails are not just routes; they are gateways to adventure and community connections.

A Vital Link on the Ohio to Erie Trail: Knox County Cycling Trail

Centrally located along the Ohio to Erie Trail, Knox County is an essential link in the 326-mile pathway bridging the Ohio River and Lake Erie. Cyclists embarking on this journey enjoy a varied panorama of landscapes, ranging from vibrant cities to charming towns and serene countryside. Moreover, these trails form a critical section of the Great American Rail Trail, a nationwide endeavor to create a 3,700-mile trail accommodating diverse activities extending from Washington, D.C., to Washington State.

Celebrating the Great Outdoors at ‘Trailapalooza’

Every year, the Knox County trails host the exciting ‘Trailapalooza. This celebration of cycling and the great outdoors began in 2022. Returning in Fall 2024, this event invites visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant activities and amenities of the trail towns.

Attractions Along the Way

Along the trails, cyclists can discover attractions enriching the riding experience. Notable stops include Ariel-Foundation Park, Mid-Way Welcome Station of the Ohio to Erie Trail in Centerburg, and South Main Plaza Dog Fountain in Mount Vernon. Access to the scenic Kokosing and Mohican State Rivers provides a pleasant diversion for those who love the water.

Memorable Souvenirs and Essential Services 

Cyclists eager for a souvenir can pick up a free “Bike Knox Ohio” sticker. Available at the historic CA&C Visitor Center in Mount Vernon, it symbolizes their journey through this cycling haven. The Y-Not Bike Shop on the Kokosing Gap Trail in Mount Vernon is a must-visit for anyone with biking needs and cycling enthusiasts.

Unique Highlights of the Knox County Cycling Trail

Other highlights along the trail include the Brown Family Environmental Center, Kenyon College, a historic locomotive & caboose, and the picturesque Bridge of Dreams in Brinkhaven. Each spot offers its unique charm, contributing to the trail’s allure.

More Than Just a Cycling Path

A man and woman enjoying a leisurly stroll along the Knox County Cycling Path

The trails of Knox County offer far more than mere cycling paths. They stand as a must-visit destination, beautifully merging nature’s beauty, cultural depth, and recreational enjoyment. These routes traverse the countryside and serve as gateways to unexpected adventures and meaningful connections with local communities. For more details and to discover other happenings, be sure to visit Knox County’s Convention and Visitors Bureau website.

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Photos courtesy of Nicole Leoné Miller Photography

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