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Wedding Venue Trends

By Mary Vlahos


Wedding venues have become as diverse as the couples planning their weddings. “To each his own,” has taken on a whole new meaning. A wedding venue can be anything from a rustic barn, to an opulent mansion or a themed museum. It’s the style of the couple that is determining the wedding venue. More and more brides are opting for unique rather than the traditional banquet hall, and many venues are taking advantage of this trend.

One of the biggest trends seems to be the rustic wedding. Candles made with mason jars hanging from trees, wild flowers that are locally grown and in season, and more casual attire for the entire wedding party including matching Converse footwear for the groom’s men. The backdrop for these weddings can be barns, farms, or parks. The list is endless. There are several options here in the Canton, Stark County area. Nickajack Farms is located in the beautiful rolling hills around North Lawrence, just west of Canton, Ohio. The farm covers 120 acres, with several indoor and outdoor areas for wedding ceremonies and receptions. They also have a pumpkin patch, the perfect location for a fall wedding. Hoover Park has a screened-in banquet hall bringing the ambiance of the outdoors, indoors to accent the wood beams and floors. You also have access to a three-tiered patio with a waterfall.

Vintage is also a trend that has stood the test of time. A Victorian setting with soft pastel flowers, vintage lace, and crystal accents can complete this look. The perfect backdrop is, of course, a historic mansion or home! No need to overdue the décor in this theme since it’s already there for you. Smaller weddings will be the perfect fit for these unique venue options, as many mansions are often sectioned off into smaller rooms. Five Oaks Mansion, home of the Massillon Women’s Club, was completed in 1894 and is on the National Register of Historic Homes. An oak motif, employing designs of the acorn, leaf, and tree, is used extensively in the house. This is a truly unique backdrop for a vintage wedding. The Canton Women’s Club is another option. This beautiful Victorian Home was built in 1867. The circular stairway, marble fireplace with carved etchings, and the Tiffany chandelier will set your wedding apart from the others.

Themed museums can be a great unique venue for the truly adventurous. If there is a passion that the bride and groom share, why not include it in the wedding. Ever think about a wedding at the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Make it totally casual, and encourage guests to wear their favorite team jersey or pick one up in the gift shop. Decorate using your favorite team colors; the options are endless. If a football theme is not your thing, what about aviation? The MAPS air museum has plenty of space for a wedding reception. The vintage planes around the perimeter of the hanger give your wedding reception a truly unique décor. Add a big band playing and you’re all set! For our history buffs, the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum is a great choice. You can have your reception surrounded by memorabilia from the McKinley era and even have President McKinley attend your wedding. Yes, we know it’s not the real President McKinley. Art lovers, we haven’t left you out. Consider the Cultural Center for the Arts in Canton as your unique venue. Surrounded by art with the Pegasus statue as your backdrop, your artsy side is destined to shine through.

These are just a few of Canton, Stark County’s many unique wedding venues. There is a venue here for every taste and budget. The rest we leave to your imagination and creativity.

Wedding Venue Trends

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