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Spring into Productivity with the Spring Equinox 

An image of a setting sun over a snow covered valley with a road leading into the valley and trees on each side during the spring equinox.

The most common New Year’s resolutions, healthier lifestyles, happier lifestyles, and losing weight, are all centered around the joy that comes from the shift to spring. According to Psychology Today, “the absence of [S.A.D.] removes the insistent cravings for sweet junk food, and salads and strawberries become more attractive than Twinkies.” There’s also a correlation between the increase in excitement for exercise and the change in season! 

Watershed’s Moment 

That deep rooted commitment to the community and the simple idea of waterways distilling to societies and distilling water into spirits is what fostered the business’s moniker, “communities are built around those water sources” says Greg “everything that affects the watershed affects the people…

A Holiday Wonderland in Licking County

The Licking County courthouse illuminated for the holidays.

In the heart of Ohio, you’ll find the heart of the Christmas season. From courthouse lightings to Christmas trees, Licking County has what you need to feel the holiday spirit.

Fun and Frights in Terror Town

Each year, Halloween lovers flock to Terror Town to immerse themselves within the ghostly town of Bravado, mirrored after an old west settlement.

A Summer Reading Renaissance

We are in the midst of a great reading renaissance with access to more and more authors within the mainstream media.

Sounds of Summer

In Ohio alone there are over a dozen festivals and outdoor concerts slated featuring a wide variety of genres.