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Discover Your Winter Spirit in the Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries of Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills Moonshine

Hocking Hills, a pristine slice of Ohio, is more than its stunning state parks, caves, and waterfalls. It is a hidden gem for those who seek to find their spirit, particularly through a compelling journey of wines, brews, and spirits.

Winter wines warm the soul

Hocking Hills Winery shines with numerous accolades and a delightful partnership with Hocking Hills Brewery, ensuring diverse offerings year-round. Valley View Winery, a 25-year-old gem, combines pastoral beauty with top-notch wines and stone-fired pizzas and is open Thursday to Sunday.

Experience global wines at Allegria Wine Express with hour-long sessions that dive into the intricacies of wine varieties, pairing suggestions, and wine narratives. Meanwhile, Manchester Hill Winery, established in 2011, stands tall with national recognition for its wines, melding traditional techniques with modern science.

Shade Winery offers picturesque views for those seeking tranquility with taste, although reservations are required. And Rockside Winery celebrates global flavors using estate-grown and sourced grapes.

a charcuterie board at Hocking Hills Winery

Hocking Hills brewing the beers

Dive into the brew culture with Hocking Hills Brewery. After running a successful winery, they took on the craft beer business and opened to high praise for their extensive craft offerings. 

Brewery 33 Hocking Hills LLC offers an inviting space for families, even the four-legged members, ensuring fun and froth. Little Fish Brewing Co. and Double Edge Brewery Co. pride themselves on unique offerings, local culture, and community spirit.

Hocking Hills Bourbon bottles

If it’s the warmth of spirits you seek, look no further

For those inclined towards stronger spirits, Hocking Hills Moonshine’s tour isn’t just a lesson in distillation but a journey through history and heritage. Whereas, Motherwell Distilling Co., despite its novelty, boasts a range of distinctive spirits from classic Bourbons to the intriguing Lubricator.

Hocking Hills promises a journey for the soul. Whether you’re a wine lover, a beer enthusiast, or someone seeking the warmth of distilled spirits, Hocking Hills invites you to rediscover and rejuvenate your soul in the winter and all year long. Please visit their respective websites for events and hours. 

More information on the region is available at Explore Hocking Hills, and Hocking Hills Provides Rustic Lodging and Endless Adventures.  

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