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Our Guide to Hocking Hills and Her Stunning Waterfalls

The Spring Awakening of Hocking Hills Waterfalls

Spring is a period of transformation, and nowhere is this more evident than in the cascading Hocking Hills waterfalls. As the increased rainfall and melting snow breathe life into the streams, the waterfalls begin to swell and roar – an awe-inspiring and humbling sight. The surrounding foliage, budding with new life, adds a vibrant backdrop to these natural wonders.

Veils of water streams down the rocky ledge at Ash Cave Waterfall in Hocking Hills Ohio

Top 5 Hocking Hills Spring Waterfalls 

  1. Cedar Falls: Perhaps the most iconic among Hocking Hills waterfalls. Cedar Falls boasts a majestic horseshoe shape surrounded by lush hemlocks.
  2. Ash Cave Falls: Nestled in the largest recess cave in the state. Ash Cave Falls is a sheer drop from the cave’s overhanging ledge, creating a stunning sight in the spring.
  3. Old Man’s Cave Falls: Located in a scenic gorge lined with unique rock formations, this waterfall offers beauty and a glimpse into geological history.
  4. Rock House Falls: Although smaller, Rock House Falls possesses an undeniable charm. It is located near the park’s sole genuine cave, where its rugged landscape significantly heightens the fall’s spring flow.
  5. Cantwell Cliffs Falls: For those seeking a quieter experience, the falls at Cantwell Cliffs are located in one of the park’s more remote areas, offering a serene retreat.

More Than Just Waterfalls

While the waterfalls are the stars of the show, Hocking Hills has many exciting activities for visitors in the springtime and throughout the year.

In the background sits cabin in the woods of Hocking Hills and in the forefront is an empty hammock inviting leisure.

Hocking Hills in Ohio is a delightful spring destination. It offers various activities that take full advantage of the region’s natural beauty as it comes to life with warmer weather and blooming flora. Here are some popular activities for your springtime enjoyment in Hocking Hills.

Spring Activities

  • Hiking: Utilize the Hocking Hills trail map to explore many trails. The landscape is awash with greenery, and the waterfalls are at their most vibrant.
  • Bird Watching and Wildlife Viewing: With nature reawakening, spring is ideal for observing diverse bird species and wildlife.
  • Photography: Capture the essence of spring with shots of wildflowers, lush greenery, and dynamic waterfalls.
  • Zip-lining: Experience the thrill of zip-lining through the forest canopy, offering a bird’s-eye view of the area’s natural splendor. Starting mid-March, the Hocking Hills Canopy Tours provide an exhilarating way to experience the awakening forest from above. Glide through the budding treetops and witness the landscape transform.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: Paddle through the calm waters of local rivers and lakes, enjoying the warm spring weather.
  • Rock Climbing and Rappelling: Challenge yourself with rock climbing or rappelling, enhanced by the cooler spring temperatures and the beauty of the blooming landscape.
  • Fishing: The active aquatic life in the local lakes and rivers is an ideal fishing experience.
  • Horseback Riding: Traverse the scenic trails on horseback, a peaceful way to connect with nature.
  • Exploring Local Attractions: Discover the area’s rich history and natural formations, including various caves and historical sites.
  • Wildflower Spotting: Spring is the season for wildflower enthusiasts, with various species blooming across the park.
  • Camping and Cabin Stays: Enjoy the captivating outdoors with a camping trip or relax in a cozy cabin.
  • Maple Sugaring in the Hills: This is just the start of an exciting 2024 season of family-friendly events. From March 09 to March 10, 2024, at the Historic Cabin behind the Old Man’s Cave Visitor Center, glimpse traditional maple sugar processing and enjoy local producers selling their delicious goods. It’s a sweet way to celebrate the heritage of the area.
  • Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum, located at the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center, boasts America’s most extensive collection of over 3,400 unique pencil sharpeners. This nationally recognized display is a testament to over two decades of dedicated collecting.
  • Picture Hocking Hills Photography Competition, May 17-19, 2024. Capture breathtaking moments from May 17 at 4 pm to May 18, followed by a celebratory ceremony on May 19. Perfect for photography enthusiasts, there is a top prize of $500 for the best overall photo.

Preparing for Your Spring Adventure in Hocking Hills

Before embarking on your Hocking Hills adventure, you will want to check trail conditions and weather forecasts. Often, springtime weather is unpredictable. The ODNR website offers trail closures, and Explore Hocking Hills covers all the exciting events, activities, and trail information on the Hocking Hills Region.

A couple enjoys the cascading water over the rock formations of Hocking Hills

Explore the captivating allure of Hocking Hills this spring, a gem where nature’s beauty unfolds in breathtaking waterfalls and lush trails. Bask in the serene beauty of Ohio’s enchanting waterfalls or embark on exciting outdoor escapades. This spring, let Hocking Hills be your playground, offering a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, sure to enrich your spirit and create lasting memories. Plan your getaway at

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