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Harrison County Wineries

Unique Wineries You Should Experience

The rolling Ohio countryside in and around Harrison County is home to 4 distinctive wineries, each offering locally crafted wines, stunning scenery, charming venues, and more.

Cadiz is home to Ohio Valley Winery which resides in a building off the square, dating back to 1829. They offer 8 varieties of wine, and their food offerings are small bites such as flatbreads and cheese trays.

For Gone With the Wind fans, they will enjoy a bottle of Miss Scarlett, a dry red wine in honor of Clark Gable who was born in Cadiz. Ohio Valley Winery offers live music, DJs, and Karaoke for entertainment.

Vineyard 22 Winery is another addition to Harrison County’s growing wine culture. Located in Cadiz, the winery nestles among scenic horse pastures surrounded by rolling meadows and picturesque countryside. Their views, outdoor accommodations, and barn provide an upscale rustic atmosphere perfect for hosting weddings and other events. Vineyard 22 Winery currently bottles 8 varieties of wine and offers assorted appetizers. For the non-wine drinker, they serve craft and domestic beer.

Surrounded by woodland and sandstones, the Appalachian Plateau of Ohio is home to Wellstone Winery. Named for the massive stones scattered across the area, the winery is at the corner of Waterstone Farm. It is an outdoor winery with breathtaking vistas and a stone fire to light the evening sky. Wellstone Winery offers live entertainment and food most Saturdays in season. They recommend calling ahead of your visit.

Black Sheep Vineyard in Adena is a hidden gem just beyond Harrison County. Originally a sheep farm, it’s now is a family-owned winery. However, you are more likely to be greeted by the owner’s gentle dogs than by sheep.

The deck at Black Sheep Vineyard offers nightly views of incredible sunsets, while inside, the warm hues of the rustic interior and crackling fireplace will immediately put you at ease.

They offer 11 bottles of handcrafted wine and often have a food truck on the premises. Live music and other events are on the calendar regularly.

Today, wineries are more than just discovering a favorite bottle of wine. They are friends, family, intimate conversations around a fire, singing with live music, and sometimes just a place to unwind and leave your troubles at the door. No visit to Harrison County is complete without spending time at one or more of these timeless retreats.

Harrison County Wineries

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