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Discover Hocking Hills Hidden Treasure: One-of-a-Kind Works of Art

Hocking Hills has long been known for its rugged, natural beauty. But did you know it is also a mecca for artists longing to share their unique interpretation of the charm and scenery that attracts visitors from all over?

A Visit to Downtown Logan, Ohio, offers the perfect place to discover the region’s resurgence in arts and crafts.

One of the local spots leading the way is Homegrown on Main. Partnering with local artists, authors, and the Hocking Hills Artists and Craftsman Association (HHACA), Homegrown on Main offers one-of-a-kind art, live demonstrations, and workshops. Their store has a vast array of pottery, soaps, blown glass, photography, paintings, jewelry, and more. The artists’ dedication to their craft and surroundings plays out in the countless displays of breathtaking works of art.

The influx of visitors looking for unique pieces has led to increased business growth throughout the charming town of Logan. Artists in the Hocking Hills region are finding new homes to display their work in numerous shops around the city. From exceptional art pieces to hand-crafted items, Logan offers a shopper’s paradise.

The Hocking House Fine Craft Gallery and Art Gardens is a must-stop for all garden lovers and is located just five minutes outside the city. An 1850s log cabin sets the stage for a showcase of garden art, plant arrangements, art walkways, and custom patios, all designed and handmade by the artist. The cabin inside also displays an assortment of other acclaimed artists’ crafts.

Fall in Hocking Hills is a nature lover’s paradise and the perfect time to stop by the HHACA Fall Show. The 2023 Hocking Hills Artists and Craftsman Show occurs September 23-24. This free event is popular with locals and tourists alike.

The HHACA is an association of craftsmen and artists who reside in the Hocking Hills region and share a united passion for their work and exceptional items.

Past wares have included distinct items such as nature illustrations, fiber arts, stained glass, woodworking, fused glass, acrylic paintings, rug art, river tables, pine needle baskets, and much more. Each item is hand-crafted out of love for the art form with attention to detail.

Throughout the region, artists have been honing their craft over the years, surrounded by the magnificent Hocking Hills. Now, their work is becoming known for others to behold. Beauty is not just in the hills but in shops along the streets of Logan. You may have come for the scenery, but this captivating area has much more to discover.

Your visit would only be complete by seeing these stunning works of art in person. And what better way to remind you of your time spent in Hocking Hills than to take a piece of Appalachian art home with you?

For more information on Hocking Hills and everything the area offers, please visit Explore Hocking Hills.

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